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Tell Congress to Increase ME Funding

Have you always wanted to email your Congressmen/ women about ME/CFS but don’t know what to say? Or maybe you’re too sick to draft a letter? We’ve made it easy! Just go to the listed website and copy and paste the sample letter!

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Study finds evidence of downregulated immune system in ME/CFS patients

Researchers analysed 100 blood samples from the Solve ME/CFS Biobank of patients and results included finding 3 clusters. The cluster of Interleukin-16 (IL-16), IL-7 and VEGF-A was both significantly downregulated and tightly correlated with each other. IL-16 is a pro-inflammatory cytokine and the reduction shown may indicate immunodeficiency. IL-7 is indispensable for the creation and survival of immune cells (T cells, B cells, NK cells). VEGF-A: stimulates new blood vessel and muscle growth.

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Announcing MEpedia: a knowledge base for ME science and history

What if we could take all of the information we have learned from all of those years of hundreds of people reading and writing about thousands of news and research articles across all of our forums and blogs and Facebook pages, and create one massive, interlinked, and structured knowledge base?

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Study proposes new name, definition and biomarkers

Researchers from Australia’s Deakin University have proposed a new name for ME/CFS: Neuro-Inflammatory and Oxidative Fatigue. An Australian university is suggesting a new name to replace ME/CFS. They studied 196 subjects with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CDC criteria) and 83 with chronic fatigue and found two distinct groups.

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Complain about NIH's Claims on CBT and GET

Medline Plus, NIH’s web site for patients, just published an article from health news distributor Healthday, based on the recent, discredited U.K. PACE study. The new article states that “cognitive behavioral therapy and graded exercise therapy are among the best available treatments for extended relief” of ME/CFS. Fortunately, if you want to file a complaint about this article, it’s super easy.

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Join me in Fundraising for SMCI!

I’ve raised $6500 in 24 hours — imagine what we could raise if you all joined in? You don’t have to create any content, or write anything. Just join the team, and share with the link with your network.

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