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Petition: Keep psychiatry out of NIH study on ME/CFS

This is the first study on ME/CFS conducted by NIH in two decades. One million patients suffer from this disease, too long neglected by both CDC and NIH. It is critical that the Principle Investigators recognize existing biomedical research on the disease, as well as the results of recently commissioned studies by the Institute of Medicine for DHHS and the P2P (Pathways to Prevention) program at NIH.

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Why is MEpedia so crucial?

MEpedia is a crucial tool for advocates, researchers, doctors, policy makers, and even the general public, that will allow them to find all current information on myalgic encephalomyelitis in one place.

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Art contest for young people with ME/CFS

The Pediatric and Adolescent ME/CFS Primer team is aiming to complete the new Primer by mid-October, 2016. As was done for the adult ME/CFS Primer, the team would appreciate having original artwork for the cover of the Pediatric and Adolescent ME/CFS Primer

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