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Fund the SMCI Defeat ME/CFS Research Plan

ME/CFS is an extremely complex disease that is poorly understood by medical science. To date, much of the research has been conducted on a small scale, targeting single aspects of the disease. Ambitious and groundbreaking, the Solve ME/CFS Initiative’s DEFEAT ME/CFS is a comprehensive plan aimed at mastering the complexity of ME/CFS to render meaningful results, bringing us closer to a cure.

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News from Wales

The situation for people with ME in Wales is extremely difficult. This is because there is no Specialist Care

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Life with M.E. – Short Film Fundraiser

Change For M.E. Change For Us is creating a short film about discrimination and neglect that those living with M.E. must face every day in the medical community. Our volunteers are raring to go, now we just need vital funding…

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As part of the #chilliMEchallenge we are encouraging people to tell us their #myMEstory and create awareness by putting a voice and a face to this illness.

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Occupy the US Department of Justice

Groups of chronically disabled patients, victims of medical abuse, will be assembling for a peaceful but passionate protest on the steps of USDOJ, 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20530, from June 1 until July 4.

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