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RCCX Project, Inc.: Explore Role of RCCX Module in Familial Chronic Illness Clusters

Physician and patient, Sharon Meglathery MD, describes how she developed the RCCX Theory as a result of clinical observation, being a patient herself and having another patient mention the RCCX. She explains that the full theory is on her website She then talks about meeting Karen Herbst MD PhD Endocrinologist through the website and setting up an IRB to study the RCCX Theory. Finally , she describes developing a non-profit to fund research into the RCCX module’s possible connection with familial chronic illness clusters (EDS-HT, CFS, FM, Lyme, MCAS, POTS, Psychiatric Spectrum, Pain, Autoimmune/Immunological, Endocrine, Adipose, Neurological Disorders, etc.). Donations can be made at

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Contribute to #May12BlogBomb in 2016!

May 12th Awareness Day is a great day to share a blog post. If you are writing a post, please consider using the tag #May12BlogBomb when you share your post on social media, and, also submitting the blog link for inclusion on the 2016 #May12BlogBomb Link List that will be collated on Sally Burch’s blog Just ME

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British doctor known for defending children prohibited from treating ME patients

On 20 April, the UK’s General Medical Council (GMC) imposed limits on the medical license of Dr Nigel Speight, well known for his work in protecting children with ME/CFS against inappropriate psychological intervention and removal from their families. The limits come after a complaint from Esther Crawley, medical advisor to the Association of Young People with ME.

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Light up the Night on May 12, 2016!

a may 12 project. The challenge is to get as many buildings as possible in your country to light up with one of the 3 colours used on May 12th – blue, purple or green. We want public buildings/places like City Halls, Niagara Falls and we want individual homes lit up too!

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‎Enter the #MillionsMissing‬ Poetry Contest 2016

#‎MEAction is seeking poems to honor those around the world struggling with M.E. This call to poets is designed to complement other awareness projects taking place during May. Our goal is to proudly display the creative resources of our community and to celebrate the courage it takes to speak out about the injustices and suffering we face on a daily basis.

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Keep PACE out of WebMD and HealthDay

Web MD, the largest online publisher of news and information regarding health and well-being, has released its “latest news” about ME/CFS in an article based on the discredited PACE trials. It asserts that “British researchers concluded that a form of talk therapy, called cognitive behavior therapy, and graded exercise therapy are among the best treatments for chronic fatigue.”

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Communications with NIH

We wanted to be clear about our communications with NIH since there has been some conflicting information. The founders of #MEAction

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Ask UNSW To Cancel CBT/GET Training Study

Write to the University of New South Wales and ask them not to allow a trial to train health professionals in graded exercise therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome patients in Australia.

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Three Biomarker Discoveries in March

March 2015 has been a busy month for biomarker discoveries for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (Fukuda criteria), Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Canadian Consensus Criteria) and International Consensus Criteria ME.

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