Join the #MillionsMissing San Francisco Demonstration on May 25

We are actively promoting our satellite demonstration at the San Francisco regional office of Health and Human Services on May 25, 2016. The SF regional HHS office represents people living in California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii.
 If there is any way you can, please come! If you have never been to a demonstration before, now is the time. Don’t be intimidated – it is likely to be a very low-key event, but the more people, the more the impact. We will have a banner and signs, so you can just show up and hang out with us. You are also welcome to bring any of your own if you wish.
Ask your friends, people in your church or community groups, family members, coworkers (or former coworkers, for the many of us who can no longer work!) to attend.
If you live in one of those states and want to be represented but you are unable to attend, please email a photo, your full name, city, state and length of illness to [email protected].  If you like, tell us briefly how ME/CFS has impacted your life. We will display these photos at the demonstration, and will be your voice!
If you want more information, or can help in any way, please contact Jane at [email protected] or Cheryl at [email protected].
We are currently seeking ‘low-spoon’ task ideas to help ensure that anyone can be actively engaged in the #MillionsMissing campaign, and suggestions for ways to involve friends and family members.
We need to take advantage of the momentum we currently have going! Please help us to be seen and heard!


4 thoughts on “Join the #MillionsMissing San Francisco Demonstration on May 25”

  1. Hi, everyone,
    Things are rolling along here in SF. We have received about 15 pictures of PWME who cannot attend but want to represented. We will display them at the protest; the exact method has not yet been determined. It depends how many more we get.
    About 20 people have said they will come so far. We are working on getting local officials to attend, but in my opinion (I hope I am wrong!) that might not yield much….PLEASE ask your friends and family members to come! EVERY BODY COUNTS!!
    We are trying to get some music as well.
    We also could use a videographer and a photographer. Know anyone who would help?
    We will have signs and banners, but if you want to bring their own sign, that’s great!
    Thanks to everyone who is helping. I feel so much more hope than I have in my many years of being a PWME!

  2. M. Elizabeth Stahel

    Where is their office, and what time is the demonstration set to begin/ expected to last?
    I used to live in SF, and I’d like to ask a few friends if they will participate. However, everyone works. So location and timing are key.
    Thanks in advance !
    M. Elizabeth Stahel

    1. The protest will be in front of the Federal Building at 90 7th Street near Mission.
      We will gather shortly before noon, say 1145 or so to set up, and hope to stay there until at least 1-130. We are hoping to have an appt with DHHS and ask them to come speak to the protesters.
      There are several parking lots nearby, and good MUNI access. It is a 5-10 minute walk from Civic Center BART.
      I know it’s hard for ppl who are working, but weekends are just as tough to get ppl to come out.
      Thanks! Every person counts!!!!

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