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Send TGIF Letters to Francis Collins

Since the NIH missed its December deadline for releasing the Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) for ME and has set a new deadline for the end of January, I am going to email Dr Collins every Friday to remind him of the urgency of this matter.

It would be wonderful if he received LOTS of these Friday letters.

Some ideas: Aloha Friday –TGIF but not for ME — What are you doing this weekend? I will be home in bed.

Whatever people decide to say, he needs to hear from LOTS of us until the FOAs are released. We must hold his feet to the fire.

Send your emails to:

[email protected], [email protected]


Jane Pannell

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6 comments on “Send TGIF Letters to Francis Collins
  1. Rivka says:

    I will be doing this with you, Jane! I’m very very sick. Have been for 27 long years, with little help from my government.
    — Rivka

    1. jane pannell says:

      so sorry, i had a typo in the addresses. The correct addresses are:
      [email protected]
      [email protected]



  2. Marilee Mouser says:

    done. couldn’t wait for FRIDAY!

  3. Marilee Mouser says:

    Mail to execsec address was returned. Message reads: “No MX or A records for”

    1. jane pannell says:

      so sorry for my typo –ME brain in action. These are the addresses:

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