Global: RSVP for #MillionsMissing around the world!

Want to get involved, but aren’t sure how to proceed?  Here is a living document you can use to determine where protests are happening near you, how to register, and who to contact to learn about the #MillionsMissing protests happening around the world.





South Africa


United Kingdom

  • Belfast —
    • Belfast Event on Facebook
    • Contact: Joan McParland , [email protected]
    • [button_color url=”” content=”RSVP for Belfast” target=””]
  • Bristol —
    • Bristol Event on Facebook
    • Contact: Katharine Cheston, [email protected]
    • [button_color url=”” content=”RSVP for Bristol” target=””]
  • Cardiff — Miriam Wood : [email protected]
  • London —
    • London Event on Facebook
    • Contact: L.A. Cooper, [email protected]
    • [button_color url=”” content=”RSVP for London” target=””]
  • Manchester — Nat Rite : [email protected]
  • Nottingham — no contact information, yet
  • Oxford —
    • Oxford Event on Facebook
    • Contact: Lara Strong,  [email protected]
    • [button_color url=”” content=”RSVP for Oxford” target=””]

United States

  • Atlanta, GA —
    • Atlanta Event on Facebook
    • Contact: Elizabeth Burlingame, [email protected]
    • [button_color url=”” content=”RSVP for Atlanta” target=””]
  • Boston, MA —
  •  Chicago, IL —
    • Chicago event on Facebook
    • Contact: Amy Mooney, [email protected]
    • [button_color url=”” content=”RSVP for Chicago” target=””]
  • Dallas, TX —
    • Dallas Event on Facebook
    • Contact: Kellyann Wargo, [email protected]
    • [button_color url=”” content=”RSVP for Dallas” target=””]
  • Detroit, MI –(note: Detroit HHS is a ‘placeholder’ location for the Michigan protest)
    • Michigan Event on Facebook
    • Contact: Susan Smith, [email protected]
    • [button_color url=”” content=”RSVP for Michigan” target=””]
  • Morristown, NJ —
    • Morristown Event on Facebook
    • Contact: Arpita Sheth, [email protected]
    • [button_color url=”” content=”RSVP for Morristown” target=””]
  • Nashville, TN — Ashley Hultman : [email protected]
  • New York City, NY —
  • Phoenix, AZ — Jessica Turner : [email protected]
  • Pittsburgh, PA —
    • Pittsburgh Event on Facebook
    • Contact: Gary Tillman, [email protected]
    • [button_color url=”” content=”RSVP for Pittsburgh” target=””]
  • San Francisco, CA —
    • San Francisco Event on Facebook
    • David Bergstrom : [email protected]
    • [button_color url=”” content=”RSVP for San Francisco” target=””]
  • Washington D.C. —
    • Washington D.C. Event on Facebook
    • no ‘lead’ as of yet : [email protected]
    • [button_color url=”” content=”RSVP for Washington D.C.” target=””]


Interested in helping us make this happen? Consider a donation to #MEAction!

  • If you are leading a protest and your name does not appear here, leave a comment on this article and I will edit it so that your name and contact information are included. 
  • If you initially volunteered but are now unable to lead your protest city, please let me know immediately and I will remove your name. 
  • If you don’t live near any of these places and would like to take the lead, email [email protected] and let me know as well, so that I can add you to this document.
Let’s all fight together to bring about change for ME!



5 thoughts on “Global: RSVP for #MillionsMissing around the world!”

  1. Hi
    I’m organizing the Oxford event but my contact info is: [email protected] instead of .com.
    Please change this when you get a chance.
    Thanks in advance! It’s all look amazing!

  2. Hi there! We’re going to do a facebook event and raise awareness on the radio before that day of the facebook event. We are The ME CFS Foundation South Africa. Website www and on facebook our page is The ME CFS Foundation South Africa
    Thank you so much!
    Retha Viviers

  3. I have made these chants/ slogans if any of the organisers want to use them for any of the millions missing protests , and by ME Acrion themselves for any posters to express protest aims and key issues as seen fit .
    Chant :
    First do no Harm !
    No more CBT and GET
    No more ME patient deaths
    No More !
    Dr Mark Van Ness, proves the harms of GET
    The Workwell Foundation, proves we arnt faking
    Damaged aerobic system . When will you listen
    We don’t have fear . The science is clear
    We’re fighting for our lives , biological treatment is denied
    NICE recommend CBT and GET , because it costs the NHS less
    Patients have to go private , the GMC remains silent
    GMC, stop looking the other way , it is time for change
    GMC , update the education of our GPs , so they stop ignoring patients needs
    People with ME , can’t get treatment for Free
    People with ME die , because investigations are denied
    NICE , stop ignoring the Facts , give psychiatrists the sack
    AHRQ review , Says CBT and GET have no proof
    Remove ME from the static list NICE , stop ignoring biological researchers advice
    NICE needs more than Psychs
    Psychologists don’t have the skill set, to study a mutisystemic disease
    If you ignore biological research , your not an ME Expert !
    The research is there , but NICE doesn’t care
    Recommending GET is Medical Neglect
    CBT and GET , are not the only options left
    Treat the biochemistry , that underline the biological abnormalities
    NHS , POTS is not an alternative diagnosis , Orthostatic Intolerance is in the IOM diagnostic criteria
    NICE stop refusing to test for Orthostatic Intolerance .
    The NIH says get rid of the Oxford criteria . Use diagnostic criteria that is superior
    Stop calling ME , CFS .
    ME is a mutisystemic disease not a syndrome
    The Biophycosocial model doesn’t work , when you ignore the biological Research !
    GPS , Not informing of harms of GET….. is breaking Uk law on consent !
    GPs , that follow NICE , don’t follow the Science
    GPS , don’t be caught short , read the IOM report
    GPs , put NICE Guidelines back . Learn the research Facts .
    GPS , Get Invest in ME , DVD , it counts toward your CPD
    Pediatric and Adult ME , have no proven difference , says the GMC
    biological ab- nor – mal – li- ties , are not corrected with CBT
    A multisystem disease, is not corrected with CBT
    Mitochondrial dysfunction is not corrected , with CBT and GET
    The gut microbiome is not corrected ,with CBT and GET
    Methylation function is not corrected , with CBT and GET
    A damaged aerobic system is not corrected , with CBT and GET
    Chronic bacterial and viral infection is not corrected with CBT and GET
    Toxicity is not corrected with CBT and GET
    First do no Harm !
    No more CBT and GET
    No more ME patient deaths
    No More !

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