#MEAction Continues to Get Press for ME

#MEAction continues to prioritize getting ME in the press. We are very thankful to be featured in USA Today, North Jersey, New York Times, Infection Control Today, Times-Herald and Well+Good, all in the last few weeks! 

Our press reach continues to focus on multiple audiences, including scientists and medical practitioners, the disability and chronic illness community, and the general public. 

Good press matters and it affects our advocacy. Bad press matters too because it allows us to correct and educate journalists (or those interviewed if they get it wrong)- and we do! We are contacting every single journalist writing about Long COVID to educate them about ME. To date, we’ve contacted over 2,385 journalists about ME. 

In case you missed the publications, we encourage you to read and share with your networks. 

To read the articles, click on one of the images below.

Press is a crucial part of mobilizing a growing community and ensuring that people with ME get the treatment and care they deserve. 

Laurie, Ben, Holly, Erin, Jaime, and Steven


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