Apply for Stanford Medicine X Conference as ePatient or Presenter – deadline Jan. 31st

Stanford University hosts an annual academic conference, Medicine X, every September to bring together community stakeholders, innovators and leaders in health care to empower collaborative change. This year’s Medicine X | Change conference will be held at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California on Sept. 20 – 22, 2019.

Stanford describes the conference as, “less formal than other academic conferences, we work to create opportunities to break down cultural and professional silos. Our overall goal is to foster an environment that is inviting to all health care stakeholders.”

Apply for ePatient Scholarship

“E-patients” are defined as individuals who are equipped, enabled, empowered and engaged in their health and health care decisions, who are able to create a partnership with the health professionals and systems that support them.

Medicine X is looking for ePatient scholars for 2019. Deadline to apply is Jan. 31st, 2019.

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The conference has been an ideal opportunity for the myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) community to get involved in the conversation around the future of healthcare to draw attention to the needs of people with ME, and for our community leaders to make connections with other leaders in these fields.

#MEAction’s co-founder and board member, Beth Mazur, and board member, Ryan Prior, are both Med X ePatient scholars.  (Learn more about Beth and Ryan here.)

Reasons to apply for the Medicine X ePatient Scholarship:

  • WORLD’S LEADING PATIENT EXPERT PROGRAM in academic medicine, co-produced with patients and Stanford faculty
  • STRUCTURED CURRICULUM, Everyone Included™ academic participation tracks, capstone projects, and expert mentorship
  • SCHOLARSHIPS need-based tuition scholarships (partial and full) for our fall Medicine X | CHANGE program
  • TRAVEL AND LODGING need-based funding provided
  • CAREGIVER SUPPORT need-based funding provided

Apply to be a Presenter at Medicine X 2019 Conference

Abstract submissions for presenters are now open. To inspire you to begin thinking about how you might add your voices to the conversation next fall, we are excited to provide some early information so you can begin working on proposals.


Topics and areas of interest

Medicine X | CHANGE broadly covers the areas of emerging technology and medicine, with a focus on the needs of end-users of health care–patients and caregivers. Some potential topic areas of interest for Medicine X | CHANGE include:

  • Health care quality improvement
  • Co-production models in health care service design
  • Digital health and emerging technologies
  • Big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence in health care
  • Implementation science in health care
  • Citizen science and new models in health care research and publishing
  • Digital identity, transparency and agency in health care
  • Cybersecurity, privacy and health care
  • Data, regulatory and ethical issues related to precision medicine and genomics research
  • Innovative models of medical education, including data-driven models that allow for personalization.
  • Patient advocacy issues relating to the larger health care system and what can be gained through collaboration.
  • Patient-centered outcomes research, Comparative effectiveness research
  • Blockchain and health care
  • Other topic areas TBA

Presentation “Tracks”

We are organizing Medicine X | CHANGE around tracks that are designed to help empower our community toward collaborative changemaking in health care. To achieve that goal, our tracks are action-oriented around what the audience will achieve or gain through participation in sessions in those tracks. As you consider your proposal, consider which track fits best with your message.

Inspire me!

  • Challenge your audience to be inspired around a topic that you care about. Share stories to provoke empathy and understanding of a problem. How will your presentation inspire your audience to action? How might it create empathy toward more effective partnership or problem solving?

Teach me!

  • Perhaps you’ve figured out how to do something and want to teach others what you’ve learned. What new information will be learned, or new skill gained by your audience to help them create more effective collaborative changemaking in health care?

Collaborate with me!

  • In these sessions, people will present a problem they are seeking help with. They may also present an offer of help in the form of expertise or a solution they have created that has yet to find an application in health care. The purpose of this track is to gain insights from the audience members themselves and foster pathways to collaboration. There may be time to work in co-production or give feedback.

Presentation Format (Types)

We will offer five presentation formats to convey your message and participate with the Stanford Medicine X community.

  • Poster presentations – a dedicated session with facilitators
  • Oral presentations – 15 minutes with five minutes for questions and feedback
  • Short workshop – 45 minutes (group size up to 30)
  • Long workshop – 90 minutes (group size up to 30)
  • Corporate Technical Showcase

Timeline and important deadlines

Please find some important dates for our 2019 conference below. Please note that all accepted presenters are required to register for the Medicine X | CHANGE.

  • Abstract submissions open – January 1, 2019
  • Abstract submissions close – January 31, 2019
  • Speaker selections announced – March 1, 2019
  • Speaker registration deadline – March 15, 2019
  • General registration opens – April 1, 2019


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Watch Ryan Prior present at the 2017 Stanford Medicine X Conference:



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