#MillionsMissing: Videos Created by our Amazing Community

This year’s #MillionsMissing, our community created some amazing videos that we are privileged to highlight. This is just a small sampling of the amazing videos that were shared with us. It would be impossible to include them all, but we thank you all for sharing!

Chronic — Maggie Borgen

M.E. & Friends — Lisa Walker

Wellness Ella

Hannah Avery

Greta Granö (@chronically.greta) & Lizzie Mooney (@lizzie_mooney__)

Alyssa Erin

Vox Jo Hsu @voxjohsu

It’s #meawarenessday and I honestly survived the past years of unexplained suffering through the knowledge archived and shared by @MEActNet + allies, so here’s a brief story.

Shelby Lock & CoRy Wyszynski

Our #MillionsMissing Artist Salon led to two presenters working together to create a video showcasing music and art by Shelby Lock and Cory Wyszynski

Steph101k on YouTube


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Text across top of image reads: "Experts in infection associated chronic illness" with "WE WANT YOU!" bolded below it. Hand with finger pointed out at viewer. "Apply now" buttons to the left and right with mouse cursor clicking on them.

Infection-associated chronic disease experts needed at ARPA-H

Congress launched ARPA-H (the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health) this past March to focus on high-risk, high-reward research projects with the goal to solve intractable health problems. As ARPA-H is in the process of hiring its first cohort of program managers, #MEAction and a coalition of chronic disease advocacy groups have published an open

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