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Take Action Now! The UK debate on ME has been granted

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We are delighted that Carol Monaghan MP has managed to secure a debate in Parliament on Thursday afternoon, 24th January. This debate has been confirmed by the Backbench Business Committee and will take place in the Main Chamber. Carol Monaghan has been pushing for a Main Chamber debate since the success of her previous debates. These have both been debated in Westminster Hall focussing on the PACE trial and biomedical research and treatments of ME. Each debate has attracted increasing interest, understanding and support from MPs across the political spectrum and we need to make sure this debate is the best so far!

Now is when the ME community must come into its own urging MPs to attend the debate and vote. It is the power of the grassroots that has built so much interest and attention from MPs. Take action now!

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The motion is as follows:

“That this House calls on the Government to provide increased funding for biomedical research into the diagnosis and treatment of ME, supports the suspension of Graded Exercise Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy as means of treatment, supports updated training of GPs and medical professionals to ensure they are equipped with clear guidance on diagnosis of ME and appropriate management advice to reflect international consensus on best practice, and is concerned about the current trends of subjecting ME families to unjustified child protection procedures”.

Carol Monaghan MP made her application for the debate on 30th October 2018 supported by Nicky Morgan MP, Steve Pound MP and Kelvin Hopkins MP. You can read our summary and watch the 10 minute application here. Or read the full transcript from Hansard here (starts at Q11).

The rate at which MPs are engaging with ME is hugely exciting. Thank you to everyone who has already contacted their MP to explain how ME has affected your life and how you need immediate change. By sharing your experience a growing number of MPs are gaining confidence to speak out on your behalf.

#MEAction UK has also produced a parlimentary briefing for MPs. Feel free to use it when you contact your MP!

Read the briefing


Join in the #MEdebate on social media and keep your eyes open for our next call to action. With your help, we have every reason to believe that this will be the biggest and best supported debate to date.


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6 comments on “Take Action Now! The UK debate on ME has been granted
  1. Colette O'Brien says:

    I have had ME since the birth of my first son in 1988, before this I travelled Europe and did a six months working in the outback of Australia. I worked full time and did my degree course in the evenings. I did not think about my energy, how precious it was, now energy is the holy grail.
    My daughter who is now 13 years old has had ME since she had a bad virus at the age of 5. She gets home tutored of 2 hours a week. Desparately misses her friends, she is so sociable, and that is the hardest part for her. She has no chance of getting any GCSE, she has been unable to go to school since she was 5 years old,
    Unless some strong research into the root cause of ME, I see an unlife for my daughter. Social stigma and misunderstanding is huge, even within families, which is heartbreaking and soul destroying. I understand suidice numbers are much above average within the ME community. Hope is in very short supply. Interesting I am meeting many more people suffering from ME. Please support ME research.

  2. Vic Edwards says:

    As a grandparent of a 18 year old granddaughter I urge MP’s to support this debate and the actions called for on the treatment for sufferers and the education of healthcare professionals.
    My granddaughter has been virtually immobile for three years and still awaits diagnosis and treatment in order to live
    a normal life.

  3. Linda Edwards says:

    My granddaughter is bed bound completely with ME
    There is no help or support whatsoever please please please vote for more action on the issue of ME
    The theory of the two treatments are not acceptable. Get and cbt they don’t work
    She is pushed from
    One doctor to another
    She is bed bound in terrific pain always and there is just nobody out there to help . She is 18 and been in bed fir four years 24 hours a day

  4. Sarah Lawry says:

    I’m wondering why there is no mention regarding the infectious/ transmissible nature of ME in the briefing. This would seem to be an important point. Is anyone at MM capable of rectifying this apparent oversight?

  5. Linda Edwards says:

    Our granddaughter has ME
    There is NO help or support sge is 18 years of age and been in bed for four years all the time
    The gradient exercise does not work or CBT the GP ‘s do not understand the illness the drugs don’t work fir the pain she has been pushed from
    Pillar to post for years
    It is sole destroying as we never get anywhere . No support for my daughter she had to fight for drugs referrals all the time
    Exercise does not help whatsoever
    We need more research and doctors need to
    Be educated so they can deal with the illness as at the moment nobody knows what they are doing

    1. No doubt you’re 100% accurate. Educating the world about the multi-system, full body decay is CRITICAL. Identifying the source and how ME spreads systemically and becomes permanent and 100% debilitating disease that very few doctor’s are educated to address.

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