#MillionsMissing Week is Here: #TeachMETreatME in Action!

We are excited to announce the kick-off of #MillionsMissing 2024 – our ongoing campaign to Teach ME and Treat ME by educating medical providers across our nation’s hospital systems and medical schools about myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). 

Throughout the spring, summer and fall, #MEAction teams are hosting 13 medical education events to encourage medical providers to take the Mayo Clinic Proceedings Continuing Medical Education (CME) course on ME, and presenting medical education flashcards on ME, Long COVID, and other infection-associated chronic illnesses to medical schools. By engaging with hospital systems and medical schools directly, and providing the tools they need, we’re fostering bastions of ME clinical care across the country and beyond.

Upcoming #TeachMETreatME Events: 

(Click on the map for more details.)

Meanwhile, #MEAction is pursuing opportunities to collaborate with researchers more deeply at Georgetown, Emory, Brown, Mayo and University of Montreal. Researchers at these five institutions have submitted Letters of Intent to signify their formal interest in collaborating with #MEAction in our ongoing #TeachMETreatME initiative. These major institutions have an enormous influence on our healthcare system, and we’re thrilled at this massive opportunity to move the needle on ME healthcare. 

Reach out to YOUR clinician! We want to have the biggest impact possible this May. Please email your clinician and ask them to take the Mayo CME, as well, using our email template.

Off with a Bang! 

#TeachMETreatME events have already occurred over the past month at Mayo Clinic, Georgetown University, Renegade Research and Quinnipiac University. The Council of Medical Specialty Societies has shared the Mayo CME on ME with its coalition of more than 50 organizations representing more than 800,000 physicians. 

#MEAction’s Scientific Director, Jaime Seltzer, participated in the Quinnipiac seminar where the university reported back that:  

“95-100% of the student participants indicated that the seminar allowed them to identify the issues of ME/CFS related to stigma, non-restorative sleep as a symptom, and the impact of post exertional malaise on life.”

We aren’t done yet! 

Meanwhile, #TeachMETreatME teams are continuing to pursue events in 8 States across the country at institutions where the approval process has been arduous. If you are interested in joining one of these teams to help organize an event in these locations only, please fill out this form. Efforts are ongoing in the following places: 

  • Cleveland, OH
  • NYC
  • Los Angeles
  • Bay Area, CA
  • New Hampshire
  • San Diego, CA


You can also SHOW UP FROM HOME to support this year’s campaign and make a world of difference!  We have a toolkit with all the ways that you can show up from home this week. Choose one or more of the actions to take which are organized by energy levels. Please remember to participate when you can and pace yourself. 

When to post: We will heavily focus on this campaign through the 12th of May, which is #WorldMEDay. If you want to pick only one day to post then May 10- 12th is probably best. But, posting anytime this week is great! 

How are you planning to participate? 

  • How are you planning to participate? A brief summary:
  • Share @meactnet’s social media
  • Ask your clinician to take the CME & ask your networks to share with their medical providers, too
  • Share a photo, video, or artwork with your story and information about #MillionsMissing #TeachMETreatME
  • Donate to help us do this work & encourage others to donate.

1 thought on “#MillionsMissing Week is Here: #TeachMETreatME in Action!”

  1. Thank you for posting all these details on your website!

    I shared the link to this news article on social media and also sent it to folks via email. I really appreciate that you continue to use the website for news posts.

    I don’t know who is reading this but thanks for all that you do! ❤️

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