Severe ME Artists Project 2022!

#MEAction is once again excited to announce our Severe ME Artists Project 2022 that will feature work from those within the severe ME community and will be in recognition of Severe ME Day on August 8th! This project will be an opportunity for those with severe ME to showcase their art work (whether it be writing, photography, drawing, or any other way that illustrates their talents. They can also submit past artwork created before they got sick.) with multiple ways to participate based on a person’s energy levels. 

The Severe ME Artists Project 2022 will feature a video compilation and an online gallery of submitted work. The video and online gallery will be shared with the community around Severe ME Day with the goal that people can watch the video and/or scroll through the gallery when it is best for them.

This year we are asking that people only submit ONE piece of work to be featured either in the video and/or the gallery. 

To participate in the project, please select an option below on how to submit your work. 

  1. If you would like to submit a picture or writing sample of your work, please use this form to attach your work. Photos will be used in the video compilation and featured in the online gallery.
  2. If you have the energy and would like to create a short 2-minute video of yourself sharing your work you can upload the video here. Videos submitted will be combined to create the video compilation.

    A) The video can be of you sharing any type of artwork. You can film yourself reading one of your written pieces, you can film yourself showing one of your photographs, you can film yourself showing one of your paintings or sculptures. Really any artwork that you would like to show, we are excited to see! Again, please only share ONE piece of work and for 2 minutes, thank you!

    B) If you would like your name to be shared with your video, please write your name on paper (so we can spell it correctly) and number of years/months living with severe ME. Please include a shot of that paper at the beginning of your video. If you prefer to just share the number of years/months or not share anything that is alright, too. 

Please submit your ONE piece of work (option 1 & 2) by JULY 25TH! Watch out for the video and online gallery to be released near Severe ME Day!

Art is foundational to activism. It provides a way to tell a story that connects us on a deeper level. It goes beyond the rational and connects on the emotional. We also want to acknowledge the grief that happens around art for those unable to practice their art now due to illness and those who have had to change the way they practice their art. We are holding space for you and keep you at the center of all we do at #MEAction, all year long.

Severe ME Day was created by the 25% M.E. Group and you can learn more about their work here

Wondering how to know if participating in the Severe ME Artist Project is for you? Here are two things to consider:

1. Anyone who identifies as having severe ME can participate. We are not requiring specific criteria.

2. Still not sure, then we ask that you consider if you need accommodations to share your work beyond our other two Artist Salons we host throughout the year. Those are live events where most artist participate and share their work virtually but by live video. We do have a few that send in a video. This Project is set up to accommodate those too severely ill for that option. Those who need to just submit a work via photo or document or a short video ahead of time. It will be shared on a still gallery for those unable to tolerate videos as well as on a video for those who can. So if you need those accommodations, please join in. If you can safely manage the other events and are not sure you identify as severe, maybe sit this one out.


13 thoughts on “Severe ME Artists Project 2022!”

  1. Hello. My name is Sean.

    I have had ME since April of 2018, however, it only became severe ME in November of 2020.

    In September of 2020 however, I made a lego stop motion animation Batman film that I would love to submit to your project.


  2. Hello

    I was diagnosed with CFS & Fibromyalgia in 2020 which have had a severe impact on my life.

    I have recently found joy in drawing flowers and painting in watercolour.

    I would love to submit one of my paintings.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes


    1. Hi, Kerry!

      You can submit your painting to us by following the instructions in the article above, or you can email your submission to [email protected].

      Thanks – looking forward to seeing your submission!

  3. Hi,
    I’ve submitted my painting, fingers crossed it’s gone through okay.
    My first time.

  4. I love this so much. Can’t wait to see all the art. Will any pieces be available to purchase?

  5. I have a painting I did when I was very severe. Crawling to my studio to try to have a life again. I’m moderate now. The painting hangs on my art studio to remind me of my strength. It’s of funky colorful sunflowers. My hands were very unsteady. Couldn’t pack water and my paint was old and clumpy, but I painted my hope into it anyway.

  6. I was diagnosed in 1992 and became severe in 2014, losing the ability to read or draw for several years. I remain mostly bedridden, however, have recently finished a graphite drawing I did of a friend (taking several months to complete it and suffering terribly through it). I hope to figure out how to submit a photo of it. This is all new to me.

    1. Hi, Ronda!

      You can submit your painting to us by following the instructions in the article above, or you can email your submission to [email protected].

      Thanks – looking forward to seeing your submission!

  7. Hi,
    Don’t bother looking at my first video but my second longer one!
    I submitted a video starting with a pink image with a girl with wings on it, saying : ‘When you can’t escape your reality, escape into sweet fantasy’. But I have since updated my video and submitted the new one, as I re-read the information on the me action page for the severe ME art project and it said people should put the info about themselves at the start of the video. So I updated the video to reflect that, and also changed some things at the same time.
    My point is: PLEASE IGNORE THE FIRST ONE, and instead look at the video that starts with a black background and how long I’ve had ME for etc. This is the one that I updated and wanted to share!
    Sorry for the confusion! I honestly wasn’t trying to submit two!

  8. Hello, thank you for this opportunity 💞. I submitted a photograph but not sure how I can be sure it was received or will be used? Thank you♥️

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