Severe ME Artists Project

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#MEAction is excited to announce our Severe ME Artists Project which will feature work from those within the severe ME community in honor of Severe ME Day on August 8th*! This project will be an opportunity for those with severe ME to showcase their artwork (whether it be writing, photography, drawing, singing, or any other medium that illustrates their talents) with multiple ways to participate based on a person’s energy levels.

The Severe ME Artists Project will feature a video compilation and online gallery of written work. The video and online gallery will be shared with the community around Severe ME Day. Our goal is for people to be able to watch the video and read through the gallery when it is best for them. 

To participate in the project, please select one of the options below to submit your work.

  1. If you would like to submit a picture or writing sample, please use this form to attach your work. Photos will be used in the video compilation and writing will be featured in the online gallery.
  2. If you have the energy and would like to create a short 2-minute video of yourself sharing your work, you can upload the video here. Submitted videos will be combined to create the video compilation.
    • You can share any type of artwork in your video. You can film yourself reading one of your written pieces, showing one of your photographs, paintings, or sculptures. Any artwork that you would like to show, we are excited to see!
    • If you would like your name to be shared with your video, please write your name on paper (so we can spell it correctly) along with the number of years/months that you have lived with severe ME. Please include a shot of the paper at the beginning of your video. You are also welcome to simply share the number of years/months you’ve lived with severe ME if you would rather not include your name. If you’d prefer to skip this step, you are more than welcome to do so. This is not a mandatory requirement.

Please submit all work (option 1 & 2) by JULY 28TH! We also want to acknowledge the grief that happens around art for those unable to practice their art now due to illness or who have had to change the way they practice their art. Please know that you can also share art from before your severe ME impacted your art if you like.

Watch out for the video and online gallery to be released near Severe ME Day!

Art is foundational to activism. It provides a way to tell a story that connects us on a deeper level. It goes beyond the rational and connects us to the emotional. That is why #MEAction plans to continue featuring the amazing artists in our community year-round! We are excited to introduce the Severe ME Artists Project for 2021 and look forward to introducing more art-focused events in the coming months.

*Severe ME Day on August 8th was started by the 25% group. We are grateful for their work and very eager to support artists in the severe ME community.

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9 thoughts on “Severe ME Artists Project”

  1. Mhari-Anne Lowrie

    Hi there, I have Severe M.E. & would love to submit photos of my art work, but I’m having a lot of problems attaching them to the form. Is there another way I can send you my submission? Thanks, love & Solidarity, Mhari

  2. I have severe m.e and would love to share my work with you but I am having trouble uploading pictures. Is there another way to send them to you xxx

  3. Christine Hughes

    I wrote a song about ME. I have 2 documents to attach: One document is the poetry/lyrics only. The other document is audio only of me singing it. Do I only have 2 minutes if I create a video of me singing it? …and therefore I would only share a short excerpt of the song? Just a bit confused about how long time-wise my song is allowed to be. Gee thanks! can’t wait. Luv, Christine Hughes 30-plus years with ME. Now many years with severe ME. Smiles

  4. Kristy Lovegrove

    Hi there,
    I have submitted a video but there was no were to add in my details. It starts with a pallet and then to artworks hanging in my hallway.

  5. Hi! I too would love to share my artwotk but have problems uploading picures. Can I send them to you in some other way?

  6. I haven’t been officially diagnosed with ME, but I think many can understand the struggle of getting doctors to believe you. Can I still submit?

    Thank you for your time

  7. Hello, I have severe M.E. I would like to share a poem that I wrote about M.E but I don’t know how to do. Can I send it to an email address ? Thank you in advance.
    Love from Rome

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