Congress delays vote on American Health Care plan – Act now

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Please note: #MEAction welcomes submissions from all contributors regarding issues that affect the health care of people living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. This action reflects the viewpoint of the individual submitter and not necessarily of #MEAction. We welcome all submissions regarding the American Health Care Act.
#MEAction is a non-partisan organization, and is not affiliated with any political party. ME activists of all political persuasions are welcome to use the #MEAction platform in their fight for health equality for those living with ME. 
These materials have been adapted from HIV PJA, PWN-USA, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, HIV Health Care Access Working Group, AIDS United, NASTAD, HIVMA, the AIDS Institute, the Treatment Access Expansion Project, and others.
This week Representatives in Congress will vote on the “American Health Care Act” (AHCA), to gut lifesaving provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Medicaid.  The plan will cause 24 million Americans, including many living with ME to lose access to care.
The plan is bad for people living with ME.   It will weaken the ACA’s subsidies and consumer protections, bankrupt Medicaid, and put healthcare out of reach for people living with ME.
Members of Congress must hear from you TODAY! It’s critical that your Representative, Republicans and Democrats, hear from you right now and know that the AHCA is unacceptable.  It will result in worse health outcomes for people living with ME.
Your Representative needs to know that constituents want more, better, and more affordable coverage and that the AHCA plan will not achieve any of these goals!
Take Action!
Republicans and Democrats need to hear from you! Call your Representative in the House of Representatives TODAY.
Here is what you can say:
Hello my name is _______ and I live in [city & state]. I am a person [living with ME /living with a disability]. I am calling to demand that you vote against the American Health Care Act. The American Health Care Act will hurt people living with [ME/living with a disability] by making it harder and more expensive to get the care they need. All Americans deserve better. I urge you to support people living with [ME/living with a disability] and oppose the American Health Care Act.
Need help finding you representatives contact information?  Go to this link for help:
Because the House of Representatives is taking the first vote on the plan, the hotline will connect you to your Representative.
After you call, tell your community to do the same! Urge your friends and followers to also call their members of Congress. Share the script and phone number on Facebook and Twitter. Suggested hashtags for when you post: #Medicaid program! #ProtectOurCare #NoRepeal #saveourcare #ME #MELives and #AHCA.
Key Facts
The American Health Care Act, would:

  • Result in 24 million Americans losing health insurance by 2026.
  • Increase average premiums in the Marketplaces by 15-20% in 2018 and 2019.
  • Provide the same amount of financial assistance to a couple making only $20,000 and a couple making $150,000.
  • Penalize people who fall out of coverage for more than two months by allowing insurers to charge 30% more the next time they try to get insurance.
  • Reduce federal spending on Medicaid by $880 billion between 2017-2026, leaving states to struggle to make up the difference.
  • Phase out Medicaid expansion starting in 2020.

.To learn more about the plan and its impact, please go to:

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