Covid-19 Resources for People with ME


Create a new action

We are a community-driven organization, dedicated to amplifying voices and empowering action. If you would like to coordinate your new action with our existing efforts, please get in touch or make an appointment with our community organizer. We’d love to help!

Create a Petition

Add your voice to a petition and leverage the power of this community. Search for open petitions or learn how to launch your own.



Organize an Event

Search for events in your area or learn how to organize your own #MEAction event.



Promote your Action

Have you already started a petition? Have you been approved for an event campaign? Or do you have a preexisting action hosted on your own webpage that you would like us to share? (Login required)


Submit News or Opinion

Have an editorial or a news article you would like to write for #MEAction? Or an news or opinion piece hosted on your own site that you would like to share here?


Talk to a Community Organizer

What to learn more about getting involved with #MEAction? Need support for your advocacy work? Want to discuss an idea for a new initiative? Sign up for a 15-minute appointment with Ben HsuBorger, #MEAction’s community organizer.