#NotJustFatigue – Community Member Launching A New Website Today!

#MEAction is excited to announce community member, Elizabeth Ansell, created a new website, #NotJustFatigue, launching today, March 1, 2024! This website was created with the hopes it will help describe ME to those who do not know anything about ME. It is a site for people to share with their family and friends.

#MEAction is listed on the website as an organization for people to support financially for ongoing research and advocacy.

Elizabeth provided us with a short interview, so you can learn a little bit about her and this new site! Enjoy below!

Elizabeth is lying in bed smiling at the camera. Her brown and pink hair rests over her right shoulder. She’s wearing a grey, acid wash #NotJustFatigue hoodie.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I grew up in Cincinnati, OH and moved to Philadelphia, PA for college.  After graduating from UPenn with a BA in English Literature with a Cinema Studies emphasis, I worked in TV production in New York City.  My experiences at Showtime Networks, ABC News, and some other companies solidified my belief in the power of creative content’s ability to inspire change.

What made you decide to create the #NotJustFatigue website?
I suddenly developed very severe ME/CFS and spent 2.5 years unable to speak or move.  When I improved, I promised myself I would speak about the disease.

Separately, I struggled to describe my illness to friends and family.  I started to envision a website I could direct them to that would explain the ME/CFS experience.  Through an animated historical timeline, a photo documentary series with quotes, social media shares, extensive references, a Q and A, and a short film, the website is a comprehensive look at the disease.

What work went into building the website?
I started with a clear objective as to what I wanted the website to accomplish and communicate, namely to educate the general public on ME/CFS through creative content.  With the objective in hand, my website designer and I conceptualized the different sections needed.  We worked on branding and graphic design, while I separately connected with the community, conducted interviews, researched, wrote, produced, and finally, co-directed the film. A great deal of attention was spent on citing our sources to ensure accuracy.  In total, this website has been six years in the making on and off due to energy limitations, with all of my work done from an ipad while bedbound.

What do you hope people will take away from your website?
In simplest terms, that this disease is #NotJustFatigue.  ME/CFS is a complex neuroimmune, neuroinflammatory disease that impacts almost every part of the body.  It can happen to anyone at any time.  The US government needs to start listening to people with ME/CFS and dramatically increase their support. There are too many doctors who still do not understand the disease, which is why having a resource like this publicly available is important. 


2 thoughts on “#NotJustFatigue – Community Member Launching A New Website Today!”

  1. Elizabeth is so inspiration and truly a role model–creating a website takes a lot of energy and commitment and you did it from bed! That is amazing! Keep up with the good work, so more people can understand the impact that this disease has and how anyone can have it at any time. Your website is accurate, educational, yet, sparkled with creativity, and easy to navigate. Hopefully the website can bring more awareness to the general population so ME/CFS can get more research funding from the government.

  2. Very informative website, fantastic resource for anyone not directly impacted by ME/CFS but want to understand it. Highly recommend watching the documentary – there is a lot of value in watching how this disease unfolds in Elizabeth’s life.

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