On World AIDS Day, We’re Taking Action at the White House

#MEAction is headed back to the White House for another BOLD ACTION on December 1st at 12pm ET for World AIDS Day. Join us virtually—or on-site if you’re able—for an important day of action.

We’ve teamed up with the amazing and dedicated activists at Health GAP, ACT UP, Treatment Action Group, the Center for Popular Democracy, the Network for Long COVID Justice and many others to demand that ​​President Biden and the U.S. Congress take urgent action to confront our global health nightmare.

We’re coming together in protest, not just about a single disease, but to call out the multiple, colliding pandemic crises that our government has continued to neglect for far too long—and that includes Long COVID and ME/CFS.

One of the four protest demands is to call on President Biden and Congress to:

“Announce the creation of a Domestic and Global Response Plan for Long COVID and Associated Diseases [e.g. ME/CFS] with the funding, policies, programs research, and accountability to directly impacted, independent communities required for impact.”

So mark your calendars for this day of action. Sign up to let World AIDS Day organizers know you plan to participate (virtually or on-site). We’ll share more details next week.

We know that our community has expended a lot of effort to participate in our September White House protest that has had lingering impacts on our health. People with ME and Long COVID need to be careful and only do what they are able to. But we also know that this is an important moment in cross-disability and cross-disease organizing, and that coming together is how we build power to demand the sweeping structural changes we need from our government.

That is why we’re headed back to the White House to protest on World AIDS Day.

11/23/22 Note: The protest website is in process of being updated over the holiday weekend to include references to ME/CFS alongside Long COVID. #MEAction’s logo is being added as a co-sponsor for the day of action. Those changes are already reflected here.


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