Take Action Virtually with our White House Protest

On Thursday, December 1st, World AIDS Day, HIV/AIDS, ME/CFS and Long COVID activists are taking action at the White House to demand funding for critical global and domestic health measures to keep our communities safe.

Here is how you can join us virtually.

Use our digital tool to easily email protest demands to President Biden and Congressional leadership. Among our list of joint demands, we’re calling on President Biden and Congress to “announce the creation of a Domestic and Global Response Plan for Long COVID and Associated Diseases [e.g. ME/CFS] with the funding, policies, programs research, and accountability to directly impacted, independent communities required for impact.”

Watch & Share the Protest Livestream

Our partner, Health Gap, will live stream the Dec. 1st  12pm ET protest at the White House from their social media accounts on Twitter or Facebook channels (UPDATE: links have been updated to a recording of the White House Protest).

Use the World AIDS Day Social Media toolkit to help spread our message online. You’ll find hashtags, sample tweets, and graphics related to HIV/AIDS, COVID-19, Long COVID and ME/CFS such as:

COVID never ended and millions of people are experiencing #LongCOVID, #MECFS, and other chronic illnesses. #PandemicsAreChronic and we need long term solutions and care. Congress, please #FundPandemicPlans 


Latest News

black rectangle image, the #NotJustFatigue logo is yellow lettering in a black box. On the right hand side the words Community member launching a new website today. website www.notjustfantigue.com at the bottom and the #MEAction logo in the bottom right hand corner.

#NotJustFatigue – Community Member Launching A New Website Today!

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