World ME Alliance Completes Major Name Change and Rebrand

#MEAction is proud to be a founding member of the World ME Alliance, a coalition of national ME/CFS organisations, which announces today a major name change and rebrand from the International Alliance for ME.

To modernise and promote its unique role, the World ME Alliance is launching a new website, with a new name, logo, and branding.  

The Alliance is the only organisation in the world to bring together national ME/CFS organisations, enabling collaboration and supporting the realisation of collective power and goals.

This re-launch comes at an important time for ME/CFS globally. Long COVID has shone a light on post-viral disease that has long been missing. Other developments around ME/CFS, such as new guidance published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings and the UK’s much-anticipated National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guideline, will have an impact that reverberates around many countries.

Sonya Chowdhury, chair of the World ME Alliance, tells us: “Our new website, name, logo and brand will help place us at the fore of international discussions around ME/CFS and other post-viral illnesses. ME/CFS is a global health crisis, with hundreds of thousands more now being diagnosed with this illness and other post-viral illnesses in the wake of COVID-19. By working collaboratively, we can expose the devastating impact of these illnesses, and begin to do justice to those desperately in need of research and care.”

The Alliance is currently made up of member organisations from countries including the UK, South Africa, Canada, Spain, Wales, New Zealand, and the US. As part of its next steps, it is looking to bring in more organisations to help shape its future.

The World ME Alliance, formerly the International Alliance for ME, creates a dedicated space for national ME/CFS organisation leaders to share the knowledge, experience, and challenges they face in their countries. It also focuses on advocacy on an international stage – with a particular aim of targeting the World Health Organization to bring greater focus to post-viral illness.

Through global collaboration, we can learn from each other and enact greater change for people with ME.

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Contact: Sian Leary, Communications Officer, [email protected]

Twitter: @WorldMEAlliance

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1 thought on “World ME Alliance Completes Major Name Change and Rebrand”

  1. Madeleine Perkins

    I have watched “Unrest” several times and each time I feel the confusion, the fear and the absolute frustration of those suffering who are looking for answers. As a woman we all belong to that sisterhood of being labeled a malingerer if a ready diagnosis is not at hand. I want these very sick people to know that I could never doubt their experiences with themselves, their families and the interaction with physicians. Most physicians who are presented with a patient with CFS are as frustrated as the patient because they don’t know the cause or how to treat the syndrome. Society views them as healers and fixers. That is not the case if the disease is not one they can fix. More money and more patients will work to find answers. And that is what you are doing and doing so at great personal cost.

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