Sign a petition to ask the EU for funding for biomedical research

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Hello EU!

The best way to combat a hopeless situation is to act! Please help us by signing a petition that asks the EU for increased funding for biomedical research into ME.

There are about 2 million ME patients in the EU. That’s only an estimate, because reliable figures aren’t even available. But we know we are here. And we know that we want change. Change will not come by itself; it will have to be forced. And the best way to do that is through research. But research needs to be funded.

Did you know that the EU has given zero funding to biomedical ME research over the past ten years? €0 That’s right – Nothing!

We (Francis and Evelien) have been working on a project to get the EU to fund the development of a biomedical diagnostic test and biomedical treatments. High time, right?

And we need your help! So what can you do?

Evelien’s personal experiences as a patient have been used as a way to petition the EU to make funds available for the development of a biomedical diagnostic test and biomedical treatments available to all ME patients.

You can support the petition if you are an EU citizen.

Please read the guide below before signing the petition as you will have to register at the official EU website before signing the petition.

[maxbutton id=”13″ url=”” text=”Guide to support the petition” ]


You can also read the guide to sign the petition in Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Slovak,Spanish and Swedish here.

After  you have registered, please click here to sign this petition that asks the EU to fund the development of a biomedical diagnostic test and treatments;

And now that you’re on a roll: there’s even more you can do! Please also take action by writing to your Member of the European Parliament (MEP) to ask for increased research funding;

Here’s a template letter that you can easily copy and there’s room to add your personal story;

[maxbutton id=”22″ url=”” text=”Template letter MEPs” ]


Send it to the MEP who represents your country in the European Parliament. You can send it to as many MEPs as you like, by email or (if available) through social media. Please see the instructions on how to find your MEP here;

[maxbutton id=”13″ url=”” text=”How to find your MEP” ]


Please do not ask your MEP to sign/support the petition, because otherwise he/she won’t be able to vote for it in parliament if it possibly comes to a vote. 

We hope that you will join the action so people from all over Europe will sign the petition and send letters. Together we can show the EU how important this is to all of us.

Thank you for helping!

Onward together!

Francis and Evelien

Contact us at [email protected]
#CanYouSeeMEnow      #MillionsMissing
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12 thoughts on “Sign a petition to ask the EU for funding for biomedical research”

  1. thank you so much! finally Europe and my stupid belgium where me/cgs is still psychosomatic, falls beliefs, childhoudtraume, GET and CBT. We are here 1000 years behind the US. I am over 30 years ill and many decades severelly ill, 98% bedridden and getting worse and worse. And nothing changes here. As you write, no studys etc. I hope in the soon future there comes finally another minister of health. Someone who is intersted in us and does something and makes finally money free for research, education, etc. when I still could, long time ago and I went to a specialist for ruling out an other desease or for co-morbid conditions or just becoming older and getting other desease, they even would not do something for me as labeled me/cfs. As if I could not get another desease on top of it! You really gave me a glimp of hope! laying here in bed in total isolation rotting in hell. thank you so much!!!!

    1. Hi. My family, two boys and hubby, went to Belgium to live for 4 months for hubby’s job. I have ME. Had I been diagnosed back then, 2011, we could have hooked up with you…I only hope something can change for everyone around the globe. Hang in there, as there are many pulling for you and others with this nasty disease.

      1. Evelien & Francis

        Hi Julie Anne, I’m Francis; I’ve been helping Evelien with the petition.

        Thank you for your message. Yes the response from the EU Commission, body which allocates research funding – Horizon 2020/Horizon Europe, was positive so hopefully the Commission will fund ME Research (for the first time).

        There’s an ME Action EU Facebook group if you’re interested in joining: #MEAction European Union (EU)

  2. Please help all ME-patients from suffering – they have no medisins – no one will help them 😢🙏❤️

    1. Evelien & Francis

      Hi Hanne, Evelien’s petition requests the EU Commission to fund the development of a biomedical diagnostic tests and treatments for ME. Ron Davis spoke about potential drugs to treat ME at the recent OMF Conference; you can view the talks here

      From memory there are two potential drugs copaxone and SS-31.

      There’s an ME Action Facebook group which is trying to lobby in the EU: #MEAction European Union (EU)

      Yes diagnosis and treatments are needed urgently; with scientists like Ron/OMF I think there’s more reason to be optimistic.

    1. Evelien & Francis

      Firstly, my sympathy to you regarding the difficult situation you face; so many lives have been damaged by this dreadful disease. I think we have more reason to be optimistic now e.g. since Ron Davis (OMF) has become involved.
      I also think there’s more hope that the EU will recognise the suffering of people with ME, and it’s role in addressing that, i.e. after Evelien’s petition. Change cannot come quickly enough for us.

      There’s an ME Action Facebook page “#MEAction European Union (EU)” it’s good to see people who are trying to lobby for the diagnostic test, and treatments, which are so badly needed. Regards

    1. Evelien & Francis

      Hi Julita, it’s Francis here; I’ve been helping Evelien with the petition.
      Thank you very much for your comment.
      You may wish to know that there’s a Facebook group #MEAction European Union (EU)

  3. Thank you! I have just signed the petition and sent letters to MPs. Thank you so much for bringing this situation to our attention. I am recovering from ME very slowly.

  4. (Sorry – left this comment on the wrong page!)
    I think it’s important to know before signing – what is the definition of ME being used for this petition?

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