Mobilize your Medical Providers to Watch Unrest for Credit

PLEASE NOTE: The Unrest CME has now expired.

However, you can still recommend the film to your provider and access the associated materials. The film is available on Netflix and can be found here.

We are so thrilled to announce that US healthcare providers – including doctors, nurses, physician assistants, therapists and social workers – can now watch Unrest and receive continuing medical education credits through the American Medical Women’s Association and Indiana University School of Medicine, in partnership with #MEAction. Healthcare providers can attend a live, continuing medical education event screening of Unrest – at a theater, hospital, university, clinic or community center – or register to watch Unrest online; watch a 10-minute video on the diagnosis & management of ME by Dr. David Kaufman; take a short test; and receive 2.0 American Medical Association PRA Category 1 Credits™. We are so excited for the new way to use Unrest as a tool to educate even more doctors and healthcare providers, and continue to raise awareness about the realities of ME. Read on about our plans to disseminate this new educational module and learn about how you can help us get the word out! The Unrest CME program is currently only available to medical providers in the U.S. However, we would love to launch similar programs in other countries around the world, and are currently working on accrediting Unrest for CME in the UK and Australia. If you are interested in learning how you can support these efforts, please email [email protected].

1.  Support #MEAction’s 10-City medical education tour

The Time for Unrest campaign kicked off this tour with a packed screening at Harvard Medical School in February. In March, we transitioned the film campaign to #MEAction. Leveraging our staff and network of volunteers, we want to bring the live event to ten more, major medical schools, nursing schools, hospitals, and other leading health institutions around the country in the next year, starting with our screening at Stanford Medical School on November 15th. You can support those efforts by making a donation to fund outreach and travel.  
Students, faculty, residents, and physicians gather for a Q&A after a screening of Unrest at Harvard Medical School.

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2.  Host a medical education screening in your city

Bringing together medical providers for an in-person event is a powerful way to educate them about ME. When you sign up to host a medical education screening via #MEAction, you’ll receive a fee waiver code to publicly screen Unrest for free and a toolkit with soup to nuts advice on outreach to your local medical community, sample posters and graphics to promote your event, inclusion of your screening on the Unrest website, and sharing of your event on Unrest and #MEAction social media channels.

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3.  Ask your doctor to complete the course online

If you are unable to host a community screening, we encourage you to reach out to your doctor or medical provider via email or in-person (at your next appointment!), and ask them to complete the Unrest CME course online.

  • Print out or email this flyer to let your doctor or medical provider know about the Unrest CME program.


4.  Join the organizing call

We will be hosting a call next Thursday, October 25th to talk about the Unrest CME program, answer any questions about how to host a CME Unrest screening, and discuss how to reach out to your medical provider about completing the course online. Learn from experienced screening organizers and brainstorm even more ways to get the word out to the medical community!

[maxbutton id=”19″ url=”” text=”Join the Call” ]   One of the biggest challenges we face as a community is that so many clinicians don’t have the information they need to diagnose and treat people with ME. Medical practitioners are required to complete CMEs in order to maintain their licenses. Continuing medical education is a necessity for them and presents an opportunity for us. We’re going to work hard with our partner organization, the American Medical Women’s Association, to get the word out about this CME opportunity to national and state medical associations across the country, and are so excited about our ten city tour. But reaching medical providers in your local community begins with you. You have the power to change what clinicians will tell their patients and colleagues, what they will teach in their classrooms, what they will talk about around their dinner tables — to transform care. Now is the time to educate our doctors and medical providers about ME. *  Feature photo by Cynthia Abatt. | Photo caption: Moderator Deborah Becker, panelists Michael Van Elzakker, Mary Dimmock, Kiki Zeldes and Lisa Hall, RN at a screening of Unrest in Arlington, MA, organized by the Massachusetts ME/CFS & FM Association.


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  1. When my Dr,s PA asked me, ” what’s ME?” ,handing her the winter edition handbook and the oine credit PDF files, it was really empowering! I hope to see all MEAction members empower themselves! Thanks MEAction!

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