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UK: ME gets Attention at General Practitioners Conference

Volunteers from #MEAction Scotland will attend the annual conference of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) in Glasgow this year from 4th to 6th October! Forward ME, an umbrella group of UK charities and voluntary organisations, is hosting a stand in the conference exhibition centre.

A workshop on myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) will take place on Thursday, 4th October. Consisting of 3 presentations, detailed below, the workshop will cover diagnosis and management of children and adults with ME. All three presentations will also cover issues relating to patients diagnosed with severe ME and will be followed by questions and an opportunity for discussion.

  1. Early and Accurate Diagnosis of ME/CFS – Dr Charles Shepherd, Hon. Medical Adviser, ME Association.
  2. Management of adults with ME/CFS – Dr Gregor Purdie, semi-retired GP, NHS Dumfries and Galloway, and Medical Adviser to Action for ME.
  3. Diagnosis and Management of Children and Adolescents with ME – Dr Nigel Speight, Consultant Paediatrician and Hon. Paediatric Adviser to the ME Association and Tymes Trust.

Over 230 delegates have already registered for the workshop, which is hugely encouraging. Having a presence at the conference described as “the must attend event of the year for GPs and practice teams,” per the website, is an excellent opportunity to spread knowledge and awareness about ME amongst GPs, who will be encouraged to share this information with their colleagues.

#MEAction Scotland will be distributing information as well as sharing stories from ME patients and directing delegates to additional resources.

Be sure to follow our social networks @meactionscot and @RCGPAC for the latest news on the conference!

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2 comments on “UK: ME gets Attention at General Practitioners Conference
  1. Elizabeth Edwards says:

    Wow! – the Scottish ME Action group is on fire! Great work! Wish we had something like this in Australia – the news here seems unremittingly grim and no-one seems to be getting anywhere with advocacy and education.

  2. Cindy Downey says:

    Great news! Looks like advocacy work in Scotland has really moved ahead. Cheers to those hard working advocates!

    Do you know if the workshop will be recorded? It would be super to have this workshop available for everyone.


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