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3) Bring Unrest to your town

Ask your local film festival if they want to screen Unrest! Unrest can only screen at film festivals this spring and summer, but it’s a great opportunity to bring Unrest to your area and raise awareness for ME. You can also sign up to host a community screening, once we launch our impact campaign this fall.
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7 thoughts on “Three ways to help Unrest change the story”

  1. I wish more of this explained and more Drs ,GPs and hospital Drs,taught that it is an insidious disease. I have had for 30 years. Also surgery in 2015, for large tumour, and one of the surgeons emphatic that, (there was no such thing, as there was no PROOF!) It is so hard as if I am able to be out,even just to a DTS visit, I am well enough to be out. No one except my husband sees me at bed bound times. Now being older, I feel my life has been on hold and am waiting for it to start again.

  2. Very interesting I take lots of Vitamins & this helps somewhat but still have bad days when I crash & am in bed to regain my energy.

  3. THANK YOU JENNIFER for all you are doing to help our cause. Thank you to the doctor who was interviewed. He is quite enlightened. Fantastic news interview!

  4. Thank you, Jennifer, for your education and advocacy for ME/CFS. This disease started with me about 35 years ago and there is not anything I enjoy that it can’t take away. My life has been totally altered. However, all you have and are doing gives me hope. I am been a Support Group Leader, advocated to the extent that I can and continue to do so. Of course, I want a cure, but, at this point, I do not want future generations to have to suffer with such a poorly understood, invisible and misdiagnosed illness. I am a strong supporter of MEAction and thank you for your efforts. You are appreciated beyond words.

  5. I’m homebound because of ME and would love to see your film, but have resolved with myself that the likelihood of that happening is very poor. However, I do want to Thank You for sharing the truth behind what millions of ME/CFS suffers, experience daily. I had always enjoyed an extremely, active lifestyle and worked full-time as an RN prior to being struck down by ME on 12/24/09. I was bicycling 200 miles a week, but after an extremely, severe bout of the flu with primarily upper respiratory symptoms, I was never able to get well again! I descended down a dark hole with a laundry list of symptoms that didn’t fit into any neatly, organized diagnostic boxes. I was diagnosed with post viral syndrome after leukemia and lupus had been ruled out. Then when I failed to get better after six months I was told I had CFS. I asked what the heck is that? I’ve never heard of anyone being this sick unless they were dying! I had feared contracting things such as AIDS as an occupational hazard, but I didn’t even know something this bad existed!. Note that being an RN I had been vaccinated against both H1N1 and the seasonal flu that year, all to no avail and I know now, even possibly resulting in my demise! On the good days I can, I try to take my dogs out to walk around the block, but no one knows that the remaining 23 hours of the day are spent lying in unimaginable pain with extremities that feel too heavy to lift. I’m no longer the athlete I once knew, now I’m the woman trapped in pajamas and lying in the recliner trying to summon the strength to bathe! God bless you and all of the others who have had their lives stolen by this disease!

  6. Yes; I, too, thank Jennifer for taking up our cause. I wonder how she “coped?crashed” after the effort of not only recording this film, but also after going to Denmark and being interviewed. I know that I could not have done this.
    I, too, as mentioned by another in the comments, was an RN working in an ED for many years, following many other years working wards. I can’t believe I was That Person. I have to keep reminding myself that “YES”, I once was that person. I also was a mother of 4 and a fulltime wife. My house was always clean and everything was in order. Today I cannot even mop the kitchen floor without having to take a week to get over it.
    Yes people say they understand, (family); however, they still ask/expect me to be there for them all the time. Babysiting grandchildren takes me a week+ to get over these few hours. To get myself to my GP appointment causes Excruiating Pain, and all I ask, is that these doctors/specialists find a cure so that I don’t have to take so many “pain-killers” that don’t really do the job either. Yes I also supplement with many multi-vitamins, as others recommend, but some ease some of the symtoms, but only for a few hours.
    As another said, “it is even an effort to shower/bathe, clean my teeth. I push myself to make my husband’s lunch each day, as I feel I have to contribute Something as he work so hard to support us both.
    The worst days for me is when my husband has a day off, and I see him doing “what I should be doing”. I get embarrassed and feel that “I am lazy”; but I just cannot keep up with him, and this makes me upset and then go “down”. Yes I then take my anti-depressant (this is not something I feel I need every day, just on days like this ).
    I Want Me Back. Thankyou all who do understand.

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