Visit the new #MillionsMissing website!

Ever since the #MillionsMissing protests in May, volunteers have been working on a new site design for #MillionsMissing, and we are pleased to announce that it has just launched.
The new site is the work of professional designers and programmers who have generously donated their time to make this happen, as well as numerous volunteers finding images and giving design feedback.  Joe Fraga, a creative technologist, guided the development of the site.  Joe became involved with the project through the same talented individual who created the striking #MillionsMissing posters, but he also has a co-worker with ME.
“Until she asked me to get involved in this project I wasn’t really aware of how impactful this is, how serious it is,” he said.  Fraga, who works full-time, has been developing the #MillionsMissing site on weekends and after work.
First impressions make a difference, and we are pleased and proud when we consider what newcomers to the movement, press, government, and those in the medical profession will see when they search for #MillionsMissing.
Our heartfelt thanks to those who have pushed to launch the new site!  If this is work you value, please consider making a contribution to the #MillionsMissing campaign.  With your help, we have raised enough to hire a Washington D.C.-based public relations firm; now all of our fundraising efforts go to #MEAction and our local protest cities in a 2:1 ratio.  Please help keep #MEAction going and provide funding for our protest cities to ensure they have all the materials they need in order to create a dramatic, impactful, and effective protest!



2 thoughts on “Visit the new #MillionsMissing website!”

  1. Thank you to everyone for all of your time, hard work, sacrifice, vision and perseverance. It’s great to see all of this unfolding!
    The link for the new site needs to be changed; it’s going here

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