#MEAction Partners with Writers Guild Initiative to Offer Writers Workshops

#MEAction is excited to announce we are partnering with the Writers Guild Initiative (WGI) to offer creative writing workshops for people with ME and Long COVID**. WGI has graciously donated their time to offer these writer workshops through personal mentorship with the writers of the #MEAction community! The workshops consist of three sessions during the weekends in November. 

The WGI’s mission is to make the art of storytelling accessible to people of all ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds – with special attention to the underserved. No writing experience is required. All participants need to have is a desire to write and explore their creativity and a pen and paper. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation do not matter – our workshops are an opportunity to explore storytelling in all its forms. If you’re a poet, memoirist, or even keep a journal, please fill out an application here

The deadline to apply is October 23, 2023. Space is limited, and only 25 slots are available.  You will hear a response by email on October 27, 2023. The workshops are fully virtual and pair small groups of participants (4-6) with two writing mentors for three, 2-hour sessions of writing exercises. Everything shared in the rooms is completely confidential, and all writing done in the workshop belongs exclusively to the participant who wrote it. Breaks will be given throughout the sessions to ensure pacing, how those breaks happen is up to the participants and mentors in each room. 

WGI will also offer another session, an optional sharing space – this is an opportunity for participants to share up to 5 minutes of their writing with the full cohort. WGI can arrange to have work read and/or shared anonymously if participants prefer. 

Our Volunteer and Activist Coordinator, Shalida Dobbins, will be attending each session for any community support. Please reach out to her for any questions you may have: [email protected].

Dates are:

  • Saturday, November 4, 2023, 11-1 PM EST
  • Saturday, November 11, 2023, 11-1 PM EST
  • Saturday, November 18, 2023, 11-1 PM EST

Participants are encouraged to commit to all Part A, B, & C sessions to get the most out of the sessions. However, we understand things come up and that may not be possible for some participants.

If selected, we will be asking for additional access needs and the WGI will do their best to make accommodations that work best for our community. 

Here are two short videos that show what you can expect during the workshops:
Caregivers of Wounded Veterans Video – https://youtu.be/DeHtI2t2lW8

United We Dream Video – https://youtu.be/BmHUXKpy2S8

#MEAction has long believed that ART is a powerful tool for advocacy. We continue to search for new ways to develop and harness this community’s amazing creativity. We hope this writing workshop will help enhance skills and provide new insight into strengthening our voices through the use of our words.

All of us at #MEAction

** Please note, this opportunity is for people with ME or Long Covid specifically, and not for caregivers at this time.


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    1. WGI has graciously donated their time for a limited number of slots. There is no cost to apply.

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