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Enrolling: White Matter Evaluation with Stanford University

Researchers at Stanford University have discovered that the brains of patients with ME display abnormalities in the white matter within the right hemisphere. It is crucial to further the research involved with these findings as they may lead to more definitive diagnoses of ME.
Dr. Montoya and Dr. Zeineh at the Stanford School of Medicine




Replication of their 2014 diffusion MRI study showing white matter abnormalities in patients. Click here to read more about the study from the Stanford Medicine website.

Click here to see the previously published study in Neuroradiology.


Stanford University, Palo Alto, California

How to Participate:

Email [email protected]


complete an online screening to determine eligibility by clicking here:

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3 comments on “Enrolling: White Matter Evaluation with Stanford University
  1. Goodchild Anne says:

    Dear All,

    Does one have to live in the USA to participate in the study?
    Can’t we do the necessary tests in European countries and send you the results?


    Anne Goodchild

    1. Michelle says:

      Good question.

  2. Tricia says:

    I participated in this study, but don’t live near Stanford. I had a recent MRI, so asked if I could just send that. I was told that the way they’re conducting the MRI is different, and thus had to be at the Stanford campus.

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