Enrolling: 23andMe Genetic Testing Study

The Institute of NeuroImmune Medicine is collecting genetic data from 23andme or ancestry.com for 10,000 patients. Their aim is to generate computer learning programs will search for biomarkers that can be used to develop drug targets and diagnostic tests.

Dr. Klimas and Dr. Bested at NSU (Institute of Neuro Immune Medicine)




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Samples will be delivered to researchers at the NSU

How to Participate:

Email MECFSGenes@Nova.edu stating you wish to participate.  In return, you will receive an encrypted email with instructions.  You will be given a questionnaire and a way to upload the file that contains your genetic data.  This will be stored in RedCAP, a secure database used for science and medicine.

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5 comments on “Enrolling: 23andMe Genetic Testing Study
  1. Rebecca Susan Culbertson says:

    I would love to join this study, but I am unable to open your attachment. I have followed all of your instructions for opening, but it fails every try. I am an apple user with safari. I did however join the Microsoft platform but again, no luck. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Maria Brand says:

      I tried to upload my information but was unable to finish the questionnaire. I tried to get back on, but was unable to do so. I have sent a couple of emails, but didn’t hear back from anyone.

  2. Mary Meyer says:

    I tried to enroll but the encrypted message never worked and I received no follow up which is disappointing.

  3. Byron says:

    The survey is broken. I was diagnosed by Mayo Clinic and Dr Vernino as having CFS. The survey said I did not qualify.

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