Day: August 31, 2018

Enrolling: 23andMe Genetic Testing Study

The Institute of NeuroImmune Medicine is collecting genetic data from 23andme or for 10,000 patients. Their aim is to generate computer learning programs will search for biomarkers that can be used to develop drug targets and diagnostic tests. Who: Dr. Klimas and Dr. Bested at NSU (Institute of Neuro Immune Medicine) When: Ongoing What: Click here to learn more. When: Ongoing

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Advocacy Roundup – Holding Our Institutions Accountable

It has been a hot summer for many around the world, and another month of courage, resilience and bravery as people with ME continue to demand equitable research, treatments and respect. We continue to fight against harmful treatments and stigma worsening the health of everyone from the newly diagnosed to those who have lived with

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