OMF Severely Ill Patient Study Raises $1 Million

The Open Medicine Foundation’s (OMF) Severely Ill Patient Big Data study is now fully funded with $1 million in private research funding

Thanks to a groundswell of crowdfunding efforts and several generous donations by anonymous donors!
An anonymous donor gave $350,000 to help fill the gap in funding needed to begin this groundbreaking study. This donation followed quickly upon the momentum of a previous $500,000 donation that was made earlier this month, also by an anonymous donor. These funds make it possible for OMF to go forward with their severely ill patient study and expand the sample size, allowing for a more robust study. The Severely Ill Big Data study is Phase 1 of the End ME/CFS project for which the OMF is seeking to raise $5 million annually.
The announcement that the Severely Ill Patient Big Data study has been fully funded is especially good news for Ron W. Davis, PhD who serves as the Director of the OMF’s Scientific Advisory Board. Despite Dr. Davis’ track record and expertise in ME/CFS research, The National Institute of Health (NIH) has twice rejected his team’s proposals without even reaching the peer review stage.

Why is the severely ill patient study so important?

Very little research has been done in the bedbound, severely ill patients because they are hard to reach. By looking at the simple body fluids of the severely ill, we may discover distinctive biomarkers that have not been found in previous ME/CFS studies. By then testing these biomarkers in the less severely ill, we may discover an inexpensive and clinically useful diagnostic test.

“Hopefully, the more severely ill will have a stronger signal of what’s going wrong,” said Dr. Davis, OMF Scientific Advisory Board Director. “As a result, we won’t need as many patients.”

A big thank you to this anonymous donor and to all the angels who have supported ME research.


7 thoughts on “OMF Severely Ill Patient Study Raises $1 Million”

  1. Well the day can’t get any better, can it? Wow! I don’t think we’ve ever had such good news in such a short space of time. First the full details of the Lipkin/Columbia Microbiome study, and now this from OMF about a study we only just learned hadn’t got funding from NIAND. Hopefully, Dr Davies will make use of this initial data now he can complete it, and reappy to NIAID and be as successful as Lipkin was: even if he has to alter his application somewhat. Private funding can’t continue to drive ME/CFS research in isolation – there has to be an understanding from NIH.

  2. As a person that has lived with chronic illness for approx. 11years, I am ecstatic! At last ! Often we are not believed by medical professionals so what hope do we have with ordinary mortals.

  3. Thank you very much to the anonymous donors for funding the OMF research! However, I agree with Russell. Private funding appears to have been a major driver for ME research, and it’s ridiculous, and outrageous that this gross imbalance should have to continue for the ME community to be able to find a biomarker and treatments. Apparently, some government representatives expect patients to do their own fund raising for research. The fact that we do, should not exempt government health departments and politicians from allocating meaningful research funds. It would be interesting to know how much money the ME community has donated for research over the years. And, how would this amount compare to what governments have allocated?

  4. Thanks to the anonymous donations!! Been living with ME since 1987, homebound, bedridden, off and on for 28 years losing hope. Maybe now that the silence is being broken my youngest son who is ill with ME can have a more hopeful quality of life. Than you so much. Marcia

  5. Christine Ingersoll

    Thank you so much for the private donations !! I am hoping that I can be part of this study. I have been very ill with ME for 25 yrs . I sincerely believe that our lives may depend on this !

  6. Huge thanks to the people who are enabling this study to go ahead. My two sons and I became very ill in 1987. My elder son recovered after three years and has never looked back. It took me 15 years but I’ve been well for 13 years, working, going to the gym, swimming. My younger son has been ill for 26 years and runs on one cylinder, picking up virus after virus. He doesn’t know the meaning of healthy. For him, I want progress and understanding and treatment so he has hope one day of a normal life.

  7. Please go to and sign up to support the Open Medicine Foundation! When you shop online at your favorite stores they will donate to OMF at no cost to you. Please pass this link onto family and friends as well…

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