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Misleading PACE claims should be retracted

Given the weak and flawed methodologies of the PACE trial, which claims that CBT and GET led to the recovery of ME/CFS patients, we, the undersigned patients, doctors, scientists, parents, children, family, friends, caretakers and #MEAllies: – call upon The Lancet to retract the claim made in its February 2011 editorial [1] that 30% of

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PACE Trial Controversy Grows

In wake of David Tuller’s investigation, PACE investigators publish follow up study Last week, journalist David Tuller published a four-part investigative piece on the 2011 PACE trial, a £5 million (US$8 million) non-blind study of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and graded exercise (GET) as treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome. In his piece, Tuller quotes top

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Neurology Now writes about CFS

Neurology Now on CFS Neurology Now recently posted an article targeted at neurologists with the headline “Beyond Tired: Is chronic fatigue syndrome a real medical condition? Yes, according to a report from the Institute of Medicine, which urges physicians to treat it accordingly.”  The piece is primarily focused on the IOM report and its suggested

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Couple battles ME and HIV

The moving story of Franky, an ME patient and Randy, his HIV positive caretaker and partner. Every once in a while there along comes a story that leaves even me teary-eyed. Waking up this afternoon after my siesta, I opened my email to discover this true gem from the Huffington Post Blog of Dr Franky Dolan. I

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Study overturns old ideas on mitochondria

“Scientists are reporting the first clear evidence that muscle cells distribute energy primarily by the rapid conduction of electrical charges through a vast, interconnected network of mitochondria — the cell’s “powerhouse” — in a way that resembles the wire grid that distributes power throughout a city.”

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