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Couple battles ME and HIV

The moving story of Franky, an ME patient and Randy, his HIV positive caretaker and partner. Every once in a while there along comes a story that leaves even me teary-eyed. Waking up this afternoon after my siesta, I opened my email to discover this true gem from the Huffington Post Blog of Dr Franky Dolan. I

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Study overturns old ideas on mitochondria

“Scientists are reporting the first clear evidence that muscle cells distribute energy primarily by the rapid conduction of electrical charges through a vast, interconnected network of mitochondria — the cell’s “powerhouse” — in a way that resembles the wire grid that distributes power throughout a city.”

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Ampligen price more than doubles, available soon in Europe

Ampligen price more than doubling in the US? As many patients who are receiving Ampligen in the US already know, the price of Ampligen is set to dramatically increase. Two patients I spoke with today said the price would more than double from $75 a vial to $200 per bottle. At their current dosages, that would raise the

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