Medical Eduction

#MEAction USA provides resources for medical professionals, students, people with ME, and the general public to increase awareness and quality of care.

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#MEAction State Chapters are building a strong, national, distributed network of patient activists and allies to grow the movement for health equality.

Our community is the backbone of our organization and the power behind so much of our impact. Local #MEAction activists have organized in hundreds of cities across the globe, passed resolutions and motions in Congress, Parliament, state legislatures, and made major strides in medical education. 

Our Mission & Work

Our State Chapters undertake the following work:


Start a State Chapter: Contact Erin Roediger

Why State Chapters Matter

We are building a movement from the ground up. Only by acting locally can we transform our communities and grow our capacity to make an impact on a national stage. That’s why changing the world for people with ME starts with you. Benefits of launching an #MEACtion State Chapter, include: 


As we grow as an organization, our goal is to expand our State Chapters to new states and launch City Chapters in major cities across the nation. 

Our State Chapters will:

  • Engage local and state public health departments and elected officials to raise awareness and demand change for ME 
  • Advocate for the passage of local proclamations, state resolutions, and legislation 
  • Engage local hospitals, universities and clinics to educate health care providers and improve access and quality of care for people with ME 
  • Organize Unrest continuing medical education screenings 
  • Deepen volunteer engagement and grow local activists’ organizing and advocacy skills Build strong, local networks of support and friendship
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