#MEAction CA is led by Art Mirin and includes members throughout our most populous state. We have been engaged in State advocacy efforts for several years, having had many interactions with the State legislature, the University of California, the California Department of Public Health, the Medical Board of California, and the California Medical Association. The advent of COVID threatens to triple the nearly 200,000 California afflicted with ME/CFS (pre-pandemic), making it all the more important that the State take action to address ME/CFS.

Our wins

Our article on ME/CFS and long COVID, along with an interview of a COVID long-hauler experiencing ME/CFS onset, was published in the July 2021 Newsletter of the Medical Board of California. We are currently engaging the University of California vis-à-vis their providing clinical care to people with ME/CFS.


We meet virtually on the second Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm! Find our next meeting here.


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