#MEAction GA is focused on building a thriving community for all people with ME/CFS. We seek to provide support not only for those battling ME/CFS, but also for our caregivers and allies.

Our wins

The Georgia State House of Representatives passed H.R. 170 during their 2017 legislative session which recognized the 32,000 — 79,000 Georgia residents with ME/CFS.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on the plight of people with ME/CFS with its 2017 report, Understanding the toll that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome takes.

#MEActionGA’s physician advocate worked with the CDC to present a lecture on ME/CFS at the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians annual conference in 2018.

#MEActionGA members participated in two #MillionsMissing events in 2019 along with multiple visibility actions.


#MEAction GA hosts 2 monthly community calls.  The Advocacy call is on the first Thursday of the month. On the third Thursday of the month the call is focused entirely on Support.

Check the #MEAction Events Calendar for all the details.

Join us on social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — @MEActionGA.


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Join us on social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — @MEActionGA.

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