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Adriane Tillman

Coming to Terms with My Disability

My husband often pushes me home in my son’s stroller because I have enough energy to get to the playground but not enough to get home. There are so many types of disabilities and so many ways to address them, and the disability rights’ activists of the 70s taught the world – and myself –

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Degrees of Distance

Many of us (housebound/bedbound) worry about dear ones who are sick, infirm, or struggling, esp. if we live afar. We feel not being there when we need to be, want to be, no matter what the circumstances, as failed fidelity, incurring a debt of love.

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A Glorious Moment for the Dutch Government to Step Up to the Plate

Today, exactly a year ago, a report by the Dutch Health council expressed the urgent message that immediate intervention is required regarding ME. And last December the current Minister of Medical Care, Bruno Bruins, stated that he would be following up on all accounts. As someone dealing with ME, I am eagerly awaiting the rest of this project, hoping to live a less restricted life.

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Suomalaisen Äidin Kertomus

Suomalaiset ME/CFS-potilaat tarvitsevat apuasi. Allekirjoitathan vetoomuksen! [maxbutton id=”21″ url=”” text=”Allekirjoita vetoomus!” ] Editorilta: Klikkaa tätä lukeaksesi englanninkielinen versio artikkelista. Editor’s note:  Click here to read the English translation of this article. Kaksitoista vuotta sitten syntyi poika, nuorimmaiseni. Iloinen hymyhuuli nauratti aina muita vitseillään ja oli kaikessa innolla mukana. Koulu oli kivaa, samoin urheilu ja kavereiden kanssa leikkiminen.

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The Story of a Finnish Mother

People with ME/CFS in Finland need your help. Please sign their petition! [maxbutton id=”21″ url=”” text=”Sign the petition” ] Editor’s note:  Click here to read the Finnish translation of this article. Twelve years ago a boy was born, my youngest. A happy, delightful child, always making others laugh and enthusiastically participating in everything. He liked

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Join the fight against stigma and pseudoscience in New York

This weekend, the New York State Psychiatric Institute is hosting a conference on psychosomatic illness at Columbia University Medical Center — and they invited Per Fink to speak.  If you have watched Unrest, you know that Fink’s clinic was responsible for the involuntary institutionalization of Karina Hansen, a Danish young woman with ME.   [pullquote

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Next steps: a letter to our community

Hi everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to comment on some of the confusion and concern of these last few weeks and offer some steps forward to help clarify how #MEAction works, what our core value are, and how we plan to make concrete our policy positions going forward. We are not a

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NIH Director: Our Judge and Jury, Prison Guard and Executioner

An anonymous testimony given before the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee (CFSAC), which met last week for its bi-annual meeting to discuss recommendations to make to the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) on issues related to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and chronic fatigue syndrome.  *Note, an anonymous person gave this testimony. #MEAction has published it but did not

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