Join #MEAction's three 3 protest and policy meetings

Calling all ME activists, allies and advocates. #MEAction is gearing up for some major actions that need your input. Now is a great time to join the conversation to a) shape the structure of your advocacy organization, and b) organize the #MillionsMissing protest for September.
Even if you’re not ready to dive in yet but you want to learn more, please join us for these three important calls scheduled for the first week of July. All who wish to participate or learn more are welcome.   

#MillionsMissing Global – Round 2

This is the first meeting of global activists to plan and coordinate the upcoming September 27th global protests. All who wish to participate or learn more are welcome. (Thinking of organizing or attending a protest? Please fill out this form.)
The call will take place on:

  • Berlin: Sunday, July 10, 6pm (GMT+2)
  • London: Sunday, July 10, 5pm (BST)
  • Montreal/New York: Sunday, July 10, 12pm (EDT)
  • Vancouver/San Francisco: Sunday, July 10, 9am (PDT)
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#MEAction USA Inaugural Meeting

#MEAction is evolving. We aim to create a mass, grassroots organization where members vote on decisions together, similar to how ACT UP advocated for AIDS. Americans, we need you to help us shape the vision of our advocacy organization, #MEAction USA. (Not in the US? Learn more about the network of affiliate organizations we are building and how to start one in your area.)
Join us for a virtual meeting to discuss our next steps for #MEAction USA. We will discuss our overarching vision for #MEAction USA, the proposed structure of the organization and the principles that will guide us.
The call is scheduled for Thursday, July 7 at 5:30pm ET
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#MillionsMissing USA – Round 2

This is the first meeting of US activists to plan and coordinate the upcoming September 27th US protests. All who wish to participate or learn more are welcome. (Thinking of organizing or attending a protest? Please fill out this form.)
This videoconference is for Saturday, July 9, 4pm ET/1pm PT.
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Host Your Own #MillionsMissing Protest Organizing Videoconference

Want to set up your own #MillionsMissing protest organizing videoconference? #MEAction can help you create a planning meeting for your city, region, or country. We can provide videoconference capabilities for up to 100 people on a call with local call-in phone numbers for almost any country, and the ability to let people RSVP for your planning meeting from our website. Contact [email protected] to create an event for activists in your city/region/country. Please be sure to specify the desired time and date for your meeting.


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