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Current UK calls to action

This report analyses a survey conducted by #MEAction UK in response to a call for evidence from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in August 2019.

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Sample email for constituents to invite their MPs to join the APPG on ME
Encourage your MP to jon the All-Party Parlliamentary Group (APPG) on ME, led by Carol Monaghan MP. Find a sample email here and email your MP.
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How to get involved

To get more involved in advocacy, education, and outreach in the UK, contact [email protected]. You can also join a local Facebook group. Or, make an appointment to talk to a community organizer if you have questions about how best to get involved.

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Latest UK News & Actions

Open letter demands action to safeguard people with ME, not just post-COVID patients

#MEAction UK have once again written to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) imploring them to act to safeguard people with ME from harm, after their recent statement cautioning that the recommendation of graded exercise therapy should ... Read More
COVID viral particles float around a person wearing a facemask that says MillionsMissing

Take action: graded exercise harming people with ME and COVID long haulers

#MEAction UK has sent an open letter to Matt Hancock asking him to recognise the harm caused by graded exercise therapy. We are calling on him to ensure all advice for people with ME, and those at risk of developing ... Read More
Reflection of woman with COVID-19 virus imposed on top

Graded exercise therapy not recommended for post-COVID fatigue, say NICE

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have released a document entitled “interim findings”, stating that the recommendation of graded exercise therapy for mild and moderate ME/CFS should not apply to people with fatigue following COVID-19. They note ... Read More
DNA strands surround stamp that says Funded

£3.2million granted for largest ME/CFS DNA study ever

Funding for the world’s largest genetic study into myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), led by a partnership of patients and scientists, has been announced. Thanks to £3.2 million funding, awarded jointly by the Medical Research Council and National Institute for Health Research, ... Read More
Take ME Seriously #MEAction UK

NICE continue to promote defunct treatment for post-viral illness

At the end of April, #MEAction UK sent the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) a six-metre-long card containing thousands of your names and messages describing the harm caused by graded exercise therapy (GET). NICE continues to recommend ... Read More

APPG on ME – Next meeting scheduled

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on ME will be resuming work on their report at a virtual meeting on Tuesday 16th June. This meeting will cover issues relating to children and adolescents with ME - including diagnosis, medical management, education ... Read More
UK ME/CFS Biobank CureME logo

The UK ME/CFS Biobank: a rich resource of samples and data

It is a strange time to be writing about the work of the UK ME/CFS Biobank (UKMEB); as I write, our office has been closed for over two months and clinical visits have been paused indefinitely; samples cannot currently be ... Read More
ME medical education module

New ME education module available for healthcare professionals

A new education module designed to teach healthcare professionals about ME has been released. Send the new module to your GP, using our email template. The module was created by the CMRC Medical Education group, led by Dr Nina Muirhead, ... Read More
Ellie Rushton #MEAction UK Fundraiser

1000 Reps a Day for #MEAction – Fundraiser success!

Ellie Rushton, from Birmingham UK, recently raised an amazing £1000 for #MEAction UK, by doing 1000 bodyweight reps every day for 6 months! We are so thankful to Ellie for her determination to support #MEAction and people with ME. Please, ... Read More
#TakeMEseriously giant card

Thousands add messages to 6m long card

In light of an oncoming wave of people experiencing post-viral complications and potentially post-viral ME, telling our story is more important than ever. "I would expect that people who have Covid-19 symptoms quite severely, of those, I would expect about ... Read More