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#MEAction will Host Seminars on Post-Viral Illness for Clinicians and Covid “Long Haulers”

Press Contact: Adriane Tillman; [email protected] A cohort of COVID-19 patients are still sick months after clearing the virus, many of whom were considered “mild” cases. Scientific studies show that post-viral illness is common following large viral outbreaks. Dr. Anthony Fauci said people who are not recovering after contracting COVID-19 are ...
COVID viral particles float around a person wearing a facemask that says MillionsMissing

Take action: graded exercise harming people with ME and COVID long haulers

#MEAction UK has sent an open letter to Matt Hancock asking him to recognise the harm caused by graded exercise therapy. We are calling on him to ensure all advice for people with ME, and those at risk of developing ME post-COVID, warns of the harm from graded exercise therapy ...
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Graded exercise therapy not recommended for post-COVID fatigue, say NICE

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have released a document entitled “interim findings”, stating that the recommendation of graded exercise therapy for mild and moderate ME/CFS should not apply to people with fatigue following COVID-19. They note that the existing guideline was published in 2007, many years ...