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Australia’s ME/CFS Advisory Committee Releases Final Report

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The final report from Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council’s (NHMRC’s) ME/CFS Advisory Committee, established in late 2017, has been released. The committee was tasked with advising NHMRC’s CEO on current needs for research and clinical guidance for ME/CFS in Australia ...

Comment on Australia’s National Draft Report on ME/CFS – Open to Global Feedback

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Australia’s NHMRC has released the ME/CFS Advisory Committee’s draft report for public consultation. The public consultation process will remain open until Monday February 18, 2019 ...

Australia Announces a New ME/CFS Advisory Committee

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Australia's National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), the Australian equivalent of the NIH, has announced the establishment of an ME/CFS Advisory Committee to advise NHMRC's CEO, Professor Anne Kelso, on current needs for research into ME/CFS, as well as clinical guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of the illness ...

Australian government seeking expert advice on ME and CFS research grants

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Australian Senator Scott Ludlam asked about the progress of proposals to research ME and CFS and what can be done to educate GPs to prevent harmful treatments ...
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Australia shouldn’t fund ‘totally inappropriate’ CBT and GET

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'Chronic fatigue syndrome chronically underfunded', Australian community radio current affairs program ...

Australian Health Department pins its hopes on NIH research

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Australian senator asks medical research council about ‘remarkably small amount of funding since 2000’ and are they funding GET or CBT ...
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Australian Health Dept answers questions on ME

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Most of the $2.4 million in research the Australian government says is for CFS is spent on psychology, exercise or for other conditions such as hepatitis C. No studies funded in a decade ...
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Aust Senator questions government on lack of action on ME

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Australia's Senator Ludlam asks Department of Health what they do for people with ME ...