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Blue Ribbon Foundation: An interview with Ryan Prior

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Ryan Prior first made waves with his article in USA Today about his experience with ME/CFS that was shared over 2,000 times. He spoke of, as a junior in high school, falling so ill he could no longer attend classes. "I saw about 20 different doctors that year from every ...

Hold a Forgotten Plague Screening!

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Forgotten Plague, a documentary that a journalist at The Huffington Post called "a must-see documentary" is now available through ordering a DVD or streaming through Amazon Prime. Much of the documentary's quest is to educate people on ME/CFS, especially those in the medical and health fields. Getting the film in ...

Vote for the Blue Ribbon Foundation to win a $50,000 Grant!

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"Simply by spurring a conversation across the community, I see this as a win." ...

March 10th Sacramento screening of Forgotten Plague

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Forgotten Plague, the new documentary about ME/CFS is screening at Reading Cinemas The Tower Theatre in Sacramento, CA at 6:30pm on March 10th, 2016 ...

*NEW TIME * Australia: See Forgotten Plague Film in Canberra

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UPDATED: Canberra screenings of film 'Forgotten Plague' on Friday 1 April at 6pm or Monday 4 April at 1pm ...