Lessons from the AIDS movement

There will be victories. And they will be joyous.

JEN: Thank you so much for your time today, your time today, Peter. Are there any sort of closing thoughts that you want to leave us with?

PETER: Well I just, I’m overwhelmed by the challenges you all face and the activists that I’ve listened to with ME, their determination and, against what seems like a really hard fight and I just want to tell you I’ve been there. It felt like a completely losing battle to many of us for many years in HIV/AIDS.  And there are some that feel that way still on the prevention side. But it’s a great way, I think it’s a great way to live, to fight for these, to fight for yourself, to fight for your friends, to fight for a community of individuals who are sharing your experience and to fight for dignity and a better life, and there will be a tipping point. There will be victories. And they will be joyous. So keep at it, and I can’t wait to see what you guys are gonna do in the future.

For more, browse other short, 2-3 minute videos or watch the full, 70 minute interview with AIDS activist Peter Staley. You can also out the HMC case study of AIDS advocacy, as well as the documentary film How to Survive a Plague. 

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