Medical Education

#MEAction Scotland’s medical education team of volunteers campaigns to ensure all healthcare professionals receive training and education that reflects the latest scientific evidence.

Our aims

Stop The Harm

Removal of graded exercise therapy from all education and training materials

High Quality Information

Access for health professionals to accurate information on how to diagnose and care for patients until a treatment is found

Appropriate Criteria

Use of International Consensus Criteria or Canadian Consensus Criteria for ME education and training

Our Campaign

Engaging with NHS Scotland

Following a series of meetings with #MEAction Scotland volunteers and Action for ME, NHS Education for Scotland added a module on ME/CFS to the modules planned for production in 2019-2020. The module was subsequently delayed until the NICE guideline review is completed.

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Volunteering at the Royal College of GPs’ Conference in Glasgow

Two #MEAction Scotland volunteers assisted on the Forward ME stall at the  2018 Royal College of GPs Conference in Glasgow. Over 100 GPs engaged with the stall and 250 GPs attended the Forward ME workshop at the conference.

Demanding the inclusion of ME in medical schools' curriculum

Following #MEAction Scotland’s parliamentary petition, the Cabinet Health Secretary is in ongoing communication with Sir Peter Rubin,  Chair of the Board for Academic Medicine in Scotland, to explore the inclusion of ME in the curriculum for Scottish medical schools.

Involvement with the CMRC’s Medical Education sub-group

An #MEAction Scotland volunteer joined the Medical Education sub-group of the CFS/ME Research Collaborative (CMRC) and was involved in discussions on the online module for healthcare professionals produced by Dr Nina Muirhead in May 2020. We urge people to share this module with their GPs using our email template.

Working with #MEAction UK on a CPD module

#MEAction UK worked hard to get in-person screenings of Unrest certified for continuing professional development (CPD) credits.  Due to the pandemic this had to be postponed but we aim to hold events in the future.

Medical Education Modules

Online Module for GPs launched by Dr Nina Muirhead

This free one-hour course contains a wealth of information, including how to diagnose the illness, the dangers of exercise, common comorbidities, and best practice in caring for people with ME. It also touches on the coronavirus pandemic and the possibility that it will trigger ME in a subset of those who survive COVID-19.

We urge people to share this module with their GPs using our email template.

Get Involved

To find out how you can help with our medical education campaign in Scotland, contact us today or like our Facebook page to see regular updates.

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