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Activism Update from NY – Reaching Out to LGBTQ Community

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  Photo from The Center's 1994 Gay Pride March on the U.N. Recently, ME activists have been reaching out to the New York LGBTQ community to educate them about ME and build allies. Terri Wilder, Gabriel San Emeterio and Kristina Osobka went to The Center in NYC, where they met with the organization’s ...

Call-to-Action: Urge your State Health Department to Track ME!

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Urge your state health department to track myalgic encephalomyelitis/ chronic fatigue syndrome! Call-to-Action: Please email your state health department and request they track ME/CFS (we have provided the email script for your convenience). A national conference will take place mid-April where states will decide which diseases to track as part of its ...

New York State Health Commissioner Sends Letter to Physicians about ME

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On Friday, May 26th, New York State (NYS) Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker emailed a letter regarding Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) to eighty-five thousand physicians in NYS. In the letter he describes the illness, encourages physicians to consider ME as part of a differential diagnosis when evaluating patients with symptoms, and ...

City Proclamation for ME: How-To Guide and Case Study

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Timbre Livesay and Mary Dimmock contributed to this article. This is an outline of the steps a California ME advocate, Mark Camenzind, took for getting city proclamations for ME. Below the steps is a template you can use for your own city proclamation. Feel free to adapt either for your city's ...

State Resolution for ME: How-to Guide and Case Study

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Rivka Solomon and Mary Dimmock contributed to this article This document includes the steps ME advocates are taking to get a State Resolution for ME passed in their State House (aka State Assembly or State Legislature). It also includes a draft template of a resolution for you to use in your state. Why ...