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Tuller summarizes issues with PACE in Health Affairs

David Tuller has published a new article in the Health Affairs blog that summarizes the issues with the conduct of the PACE trial and also examines the ways in which PACE and other studies have impacted the attitudes of doctors and the clinical guidelines used by doctors to treat patients. Tuller’s series of articles reporting

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Geocentrism and PACE – both on the wrong side of science

Geocentrism and PACE – both on the wrong side of science Thank you to Ella Peregrine for kindly allowing us to republish her facebook post on #MEAction Recently, David Tuller, James Coyne, Vincent Racaniello, and some other non-invested scientists and writers have been looking more carefully into the claims and relative lack of transparency of the

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Charles Shepherd: It's time for doctors to apologise to ME patients

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] “I left medical school believing that ME was not a real disease and I would probably never see a case. I was wrong”   [/pullquote] In this excellent piece in Monday’s Daily Telegraph, Dr. Charles Shepherd describes the history of ME’s neglect and says it’s time for doctors

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Prof. Jonathan Edwards: PACE trial is "valueless"

OPINION PACE is valueless for one reason: the combination of lack of blinding of treatments and choice of subjective primary endpoint. Neither of these alone need be a fatal design flaw but the combination is. The only possible mitigation of this flaw would be if: 1. There were no acceptable alternatives to a subjective primary

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This Video Could Save your Life

The Use of Patient Blogs as a Care Resource Thanks to Greg Crowhurst for his incredibly kind review of my presentation on his blog and for giving permission for me to share his review on the #MEAction site: “My heart goes out to anyone newly diagnosed with “ME”, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, for you are instantly thrown

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Cort Johnson: Fibromyalgia and the 'Advocacy Gap'

Cort Johnson has a fascinating new post up about the rise and fall of Fibromyalgia funding over the last fifteen years – even less is spent per patient on Fibromyalgia research than ME and CFS. He thinks in the issue is an “advocacy gap”:   As funding for pain research increased, funding for FM research, however, has

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