Day: August 19, 2015

NIH: ME/CFS research applications are low quality

When we started working on the 21st Century Cures Act lobbying campaign we quickly learned that NIH officials are continuing to tell people that no one is interested in researching ME/CFS and that the research applications they have received have been poor. At Tuesday’s CFSAC meeting Cheryl Kitt, the Deputy Director of the Center for

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Couple battles ME and HIV

The moving story of Franky, an ME patient and Randy, his HIV positive caretaker and partner. Every once in a while there along comes a story that leaves even me teary-eyed. Waking up this afternoon after my siesta, I opened my email to discover this true gem from the Huffington Post Blog of Dr Franky Dolan. I

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Lipkin and Hornig nail #ChilliMEchallenge as donations top $0.75 million

Three Quarters of a Million Dollars for ME/CFS Research at Columbia University! [pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#E7453A” class=”” size=””]”ME/CFS is a global problem that we need to address – it robs people of the most productive years of their lives, it causes immunological dysfunction, profound fatigue, cognitive dysfunction. It really destroys peoples’ lives. It is

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