Unrest Continuing Medical Education Program (CME/CE)

Moderator Deborah Becker, panelists Michael Van Elzakker, Mary Dimmock, Kiki Zeldes and Lisa Hall, RN at a screening of Unrest in Arlington, MA, organized by the Massachusetts ME/CFS & FM Association.

#MEAction has teamed up with the Time for Unrest Campaign to make using Unrest as a tool for medical education easier than everUS healthcare providers – doctors, nurses, and social workers– can now watch Unrest and receive continuing medical education credits (CME/CE) through the American Medical Women’s Association and Indiana University School of Medicine. Now is the time to educate our healthcare providers about myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).

Are you a medical provider or social worker? Medical providers can earn their CME/CE directly by watching Unrest online and completing the short test. Get started now!

Four Ways to Educate your Medical Providers about ME:

1. Send a postcard to your doctor

#MEAction has launched our Postcards to Doctors medical education campaign where you can send beautifully-designed, handwritten postcards to doctors in your state today to encourage them to learn about myalgic encephalomyelitis!

Postcards to Doctors will work a lot like Postcards to Voters campaign, which encourages individuals to vote via handwritten postcards. Postcards to Doctors will use the same model in order to encourage clinicians to take the Unrest medical education course and attend in-person medical education events.

Request a pack of postcards and addresses for doctors in your home state!

Send Postcards to Doctors
2. Ask your doctor to watch Unrest online for credit

Reach out to your doctor, nurse or social worker via email or in-person, and ask them to complete the CME/CE module by registering to watch Unrest online. You can:

  1. Ask them to visit: http://unrest.film/cme
  2. Email them, or share this sample flyer at your next appointment!
  3. Share these #MEAction handouts on the diagnosis & management of ME and the latest research:

Questions? Email Hannah at unrestce@meaction.net.

3. Organize a continuing medical education screening

Sign up below to host a screening of Unrest in your community at a local hospital, university, nursing school or other institution, and invite your community’s medical providers. After the screening, attendees will watch a short video by Dr. David Kaufman on the diagnosis and management of ME, and take a short, online test to receive credit.

Doctors and clinicians are always looking for easy, accessible ways to complete CME/CEs, which they are required to do in order to maintain their licenses. Bringing together the community around this critically-acclaimed documentary is a highly effective tool for building allies for ME within the medical profession.

We have put together a comprehensive toolkit to help you pack the room with viewers! Our toolkit includes a step-by-step guide for securing a location, planning and promoting the event. Once you sign up to host a screening (below), we will get you started with all of the tools. All organizers hosting medical education screenings through this #MEAction-Unrest partnership will receive a community screening fee waiver code. We want it to make it easier than ever to go out into your community and use Unrest as a tool for change.

The Unrest CME/CE program is currently only available to medical providers in the U.S. If you are interested in learning how you can support our efforts to accredit Unrest for continuing education in other countries, please email cme@unrest.film.

Host a CE Screening
4. Support #MEAction’s Unrest Medical Education tour

Students, faculty, residents, and physicians gather for a Q&A after a screening of Unrest at Harvard Medical School.

The Time for Unrest campaign kicked off the tour with a packed screening of Unrest at Harvard Medical School. Through our partnership with #MEAction, we plan to bring Unrest screenings to many more major medical schools, nursing schools, hospitals, and other leading health institutions around the country. Our next major screening will be at Stanford Medical School this fall, 2019. You can support those efforts by making a donation to fund outreach and travel.

Support the Tour