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A loss to the ME community: Jonas Blomberg

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You can listen to this article read aloud by visiting #MEAction's Soundcloud here. It is with a heavy heart that we announce the sudden passing of Jonas Blomberg. Blomberg was an Emeritus Professor at the Department of Medical Sciences, Clinical Microbiology at Uppsala University in Sweden, active in scientific and medical research: one ...

In Memory of Tom Jarrett

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I met Tom Jarrett once, and I remember him through an empty chair ...

Our losses in the ME community

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It's been a devastating summer for the ME community.  We have lost Jodi Bassett, Louise Ramage, Tink Bastian, and Linda Hayes Burke.  Yesterday, we learned that we lost Tom Jarrett. Jodi Bassett, 41, was a passionate advocate for ME who helped thousands of people better understand their condition through her website ...