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Amount raised

$40,708 (£32,734)

time until end of fundraiser

Support our #MEAction 2023 Giving Campaign. Our goal: US$100,000 (£80,400) by June 30th.

#MEAction is dedicated to advocating with and for people with ME. It is at the center of all we do. Whether that is through our dedicated support groups, federal agency advocacy, medical education efforts, or press engagement, we fight for recognition, funding, and support for all people with ME.

Together, we can transform research and medical care for all people with ME, now and for those to come.

If you can, please give to support this fight! 

Your donation to #MEAction will help us to:

  • Build our new volunteer pipeline system, featuring training videos, so that it is easier to engage and stay involved with #MEAction at the support, activism, and education levels
  • Helping volunteers to become better activists by using tools such as power mapping for winning campaigns.
  • Launch Canary Corps, a pilot program by which sick and disabled ME activists across the US can “sound the alarm” to take collective action when the most vulnerable, multiply marginalized, and severest members of our community are in danger of direct medical abuse or life-threatening medical neglect.
  • Continuing our Severe ME Artist Project to provide an opportunity for those with severe ME to showcase their artwork.
  • Launching a new Continuing Medical Education Initiative as part of our #StopRestPace campaign, in partnership with Patient-led Research Collaborative
  • Adding new clinicians like Dr. Ruby Tam to our fabulous Scientific and Medical Advisory Board! 
  • Partnering with ME organizations and Long COVID groups on community-driven research initiatives
  • Participating on the NIH’s ME/CFS Roadmap and advocating for the best research that includes patients at the beginning! 
  • Getting peer-reviewed papers out about ME and Long COVID in amazing journals to educate researchers, clinicians and the public
  • Creating case studies with Mayo Clinic to educate medical providers about ME/CFS



Here a few  ways to join in and contribute. You can donate on this page or if you are not able to give financially at this time, we do ask that you share this fundraising campaign with your friends and family. Every share can and does make a difference.

Every action you take, now until June 30th, will help bring us one step closer to our goal.


Help us reach our goal by making a one-time or recurring donation.
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