NEED HELP? Support and Crisis Resources

Living with ME can be extremely difficult. #MEAction strives to create spaces of support.

Everyone at #MEAction cares deeply about the individuals in our community. We fight for your health in advocacy and scientific spaces, but we also want you to know that you are loved, supported, and valued.

Joining a group is a great way to get more deeply involved in #MEAction and the movement for equality. We have groups for patient support, caregiver support, advocacy groups and social/affinity groups. Whether you are an artist, a parent, a senior, a young person, a clinician, researcher or an ally, there are so many ways to get involved online and in your local community.

Click here for more information:

If you are someone you know is dealing with suicidal thoughts, please visit Find A Helpline or scroll down to see our resources below.

Most of our groups are on Facebook, and Facebook has created a robust, global list of suicide prevention resources:

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