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It’s time for our annual #MillionsMissing charity event to raise money for the amazing work #MEAction does in making those of us with M.E. visible! Let’s make the invisible visible one stream at a time. I’ll be streaming on Saturday 9th May, 12noon BST at – twitch is free to just create an account. Feel free to just hang out in the chat and help me educate others about ME!

In October 2016 I went to bed one night and couldn’t get back up for weeks aside from to crawl to the bathroom.

I had been ill for a while – months of chronic sinusitis whilst working as a secondary school history teacher – and was beyond burnt out.

I had to give up my full time teaching position. I never feel rested, my body aches all the time and I feel like I’m vibrating/rocking. My brain forgets to remind me I’m holding things so I drop them. My vision blurs. I feel like I have a bad cold which occasionally pushes to full blown flu. I have tinitus and often can’t bear the sensation of anything on my skin. Sound and smell are overwhelming. I have severely limited energy and napping doesn’t restore any of it (if you google something called The Spoon Theory it’ll explain it!). I am *neurologically compromised* – I have almost no short term memory, forget words, get muddled and often stop in the middle of sentences.

I have M.E., still called by many, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

I am a moderate sufferer.
Other have it so much worse.

Many can’t bear to be touched, can’t bear any sound. They can’t move. Can’t communicate.

It is so often called an INVISIBLE ILLNESS as you can’t see it just by looking at us.

There are 17-24 million sufferers worldwide. Someone you’ve met probably has it!

On the #millionsmissing day we raise money to fights for recognition, education, and research so that one day, all people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome will have access to compassionate, effective care.

We are medically invisible, ignored and disregarded.

But we stand strong during this event and ask to be seen!

Can you help us? Anything you can donate is so appreciated and you can help us in the fight for medical and social equality!

Thank you so much xx,

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